Custom siRNAs                          Pre-Designed siRNAs

Custom siRNA

Custom siRNAs can be used in cell culture experiments to silence genes.  They can be ordered Simplex or Duplex, from IDT and Sigma. An optional overhang can be included.  siRNAs must be between 19 and 30 bases in length.  Pricing is a flat fee, Purification via HPLC or PAGE is extra.  siRNAs typically arrive 7 business days after ordering.  Modifications, including 2’O-me bases and Locked Nucleic acids are available. 

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IDT MilliporeSigma
siRNA, price/baseIDT MilliporeSigma  
Unlabeled Duplex$81.00$125.00$72.00*$140.00*$158.00*
2 nmole10 nmole2 OD (10 nmole)5 OD (25 nmole)10 OD (50 nmol)
Unlabeled SimplexN/AN/A$68.43$110.29$132.83

*Sequence must be 19-21 bases in length (plus 2 base overhangs, n=21-23). Pricing for longer sequences available upon request.
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Predesigned siRNA/shRNA

IDT, Qiagen, MilliporeSigma and ThermoFisher offer many predesigned siRNA assays.  MilliporeSigma also offers shRNA.  Please see their portals or the specific company pages on the menu bar for details.

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IDT Qiagen MilliporeSigma ThermoFisher

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