The GRCF offers whole genome amplification of extracted DNA

The GRCF accepts genomic DNA, fresh or frozen whole blood, packed cells, blood spot cards, cultured cells and FFPE.

For Johns Hopkins customers, please place your order through our secure  online ordering system. See FAF Order Forms: FAF Whole Genome Amplification.

For Non-Johns Hopkins customers, please contact Alejandra Gutierrez for placing your order. 

How does it work?


Whole genome amplification (WGA) of extracted DNA is carried out using  REPLI-g kits from Qiagen. The kits use Multiple Displacement Amplification technology to produce highly uniform amplification across the genome. 

A variety of REPLI-g kits are available. See Qiagen’s  selection guide.

The genome is isothermally amplified utilizing a DNA polymerase with 3′ – 5′ exonuclease proofreading activity capable of replicating up to 100 kb without disassociating from the DNA template.

Concentration is determined by pico green analysis using a Spectra Max Gemini XS fluorometer. Concentrations will be returned in an Excel document.

Poor quality genomic dna may result in synthesis failure, reduced call rates in downstream applications, or loss of loci or alleles in the amplification product.


Pricing is based on number of samples and kit selected. Please contact   Alejandra Gutierrez for pricing information.