The Genetic Resources Core Facility (GRCF) depends in part on proper recognition in publications, by formal mention in the acknowledgment section. Please use the suggested format below for your publications and grant applications:

“……….[insert the name of the service provided here]…………. was conducted at the Genetic Resources Core Facility and/or #RRID*, Johns Hopkins Department of Genetic Medicine, Baltimore, MD.”

The GRCF will be appreciative if you could please provide us with a PDF of any publications in which the Genetic Resources Core Facility is acknowledged. Also, please notify us of any grant application in which the GRCF is listed as a resource both when they are submitted and when they are funded. Send the PDF and any notifications to

*RRID is a Research Resource Identifier.  This ID enables you to cite the GRCF facility in publications. Many publishers are requiring authors to list the RRIDs for each research component in their papers and a core facility is definitely a research component. The Genetic Resources Core Facility RRID # is SCR_018669.

Bio Techniques Policy on Recognizing Cores