The Genetic Resources Core Facility (GRCF) is a JHU service center including the Core Store, Biorepository & Cell Center and the DNA Services.  Collectively, these groups produce a number of products and services to aid researchers performing studies in cell biology, molecular biology and genetics.  It is our mission to provide high quality, cost effective research services and products to investigators throughout the Johns Hopkins Scientific Community.

Biorepository & Cell Center:  This group facilitates basic scientific research by providing expertise and service in clinical and animal blood processing, mammalian cell culture, cell line development and cryogenic preservation. 

DNA Services:  This group works together to provide solutions for all of your DNA and RNA needs.  We handle basic needs like DNA isolation, plating and storage, “traditional” core services like Sanger sequencing, PCR support and genotyping, and the more complex needs presented by the constantly changing field of next generation sequencing.

The diagram below illustrates the role of the GRCF in the study of a genetic disorder, from discovery to application.