PrimeTime qPCR Assays

PrimeTime qPCR assays come in two formats: probe based assays and primer only assays.

Probe based assays may be ordered with a variety of dye and quencher combinations, in three different scales: 100, 500 or 2500 reactions.  Predesigned human, mouse and rat assays are available, and IDT also provides tools to help with the design of custom assays.

Primer only assays are ideal for using with intercalating dye experiments.  Each order of these primers is enough for 500 reactions.

Molecular Beacon assays (highly specific, dual labeled, hairpin based probes) are also available with a variety of dye/quencher combinations.

Probe based AssaysPrice
Mini (100 rxns)$80.00
Standard (500 rxns)$108.00
XL (2500 rxns)$315.00

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Surveyor Mutation Assays

Designed to detect mutations in DNA derived from a variety of organisms including bacteria, fungi, plants, and animals, Surveyor® Mutation Detection Kits allow analysis by:

  • Standard gel electrophoresis
  • WAVE® and WAVE HS Systems

Surveyor Nuclease is provided as a standardized, quality-controlled enzyme formulation in a ready-to-use kit that can be used without further batch-to-batch optimization. All components except the thermostable DNA polymerase and PCR products are provided. Reaction buffers and positive controls included in the kit allow users to set up and monitor the assays to obtain reproducible results. In-depth Surveyor Mutation Detection Kit User Guides provide detailed instructions and troubleshooting.

Two types of Surveyor Mutation Detection Kits are available:

  • Surveyor Mutation Detection Kit for Standard Gel Electrophoresis—S25 (25 rxn), S100 (100 rxn), S1000 (1000 rxn)
  • Surveyor Mutation Detection Kit for WAVE® and WAVE HS Systems—W25 (25 rxn), W100 (100 rxn), W1000 (1000 rxn)

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Taqman Assays

ThermoFisher Scientific custom products are available through the GRCF. By ordering through us, you will receive small discount and free shipping on all orders! Orders can be delivered to you lab via the Core Store delivery mechanism or picked up in our office in Blalock 1004. Products available include:

  • Taqman Gene Expression Assays, Plates and Arrays
  • TaqMan MicroRNA Assays
  • SNP Genotyping, CNV, siRNA, and mutation detection assays
  • siRNAs

To place your order, use the tool from ThermoFisher below. Once your cart is full, submit the order, providing the requested information. The tool will email your order to our facility. We will place the order, email you a confirmation and deliver the assays when they arrive.

The tool will email us a shopping cart and we will place your order.  You will receive an email when the order has been placed.

Custom Taqman assays may be ordered by following these steps:

  1. Create your custom design using the gene expression or SNP design tools on the ThermoFisher website.
  2. Place the assays you wish to order in a shopping cart.
  3. Transfer control of the shopping cart to
  4. Provide us with the name of your PI, your PI’s email address, the budget number and building and room number for delivery.
  5. We will place the order and send you an email verification.

If you are unsure of how to select the best microRNA assays for your experiment, check out the FAQ notes developed by ThermoFisher.


Pricing for some commonly ordered items is listed below. This is far from an exhaustive list. If you can find it using the tool above, you can order it through our facility.

Part NumberDescriptionPrice
4448892 & 4453320Gene Expression assays, inventoried or made to order, Fam label, size XS$68.35
4331182Off the shelf Gene Expression assays, Fam label, size small$151.72
4448484Gene Expression assays, made to order, size small, VIC-MGB-PL$241.72
4448489Gene Expression assays, made to order, size small, VIC$263.88
4351372Gene Expression assays, made to order, size small, FAM$256.00
4351370Gene Expression assays, made to order, size medium, FAM$404.37
4351368Gene Expression assays, made to order, size large$867.67
4351379Taqman SNP assays, human, size small$288.74
4427975Taqman MicroRNA assays, size small$214.57
4390825Sil. Sel. Validate siRNA, STD. 20NM$493.53
4464066mirVana Mimics & Inhibitors, S$285.40

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