At the GRCF goal is to provide the research community with access to cutting edge sequencing platforms. To this end,

we are offering Oxford Nanopore sequencing on the GridION  and PromethION platforms.

The Oxford Nanopore’s unique direct molecule sequencing platform is based on protein nanopores set in a polymer membrane. Current is passed through the nanopore, and as DNA/RNA is passed through the pore, a disruption in current is detected. Data yields for GridION can be ~10Gb, whereas PromethION runs can generate ~100Gb of data. The new kit 14 chemistry produces a median raw read accuracy of Q20+ (99%+), a dramatic improvement over previous chemistries


Library prep: $150/sample DNA (standard), , $175/sample DNA (size selected) $175/sample RNA

Sequencing: please enquire, varies by application

Data yield: varies by application

30X human whole genome: $2000/sample

Additional Questions? Contact David Mohr, Director High Throughput Sequencing

DNA Sequencing

A strand of DNA is passed through a nanopore. The current is changed as the bases G, A, T and C pass through the pore in different combinations

Oxford Nanopore can produce ultra-long read sequencing reads, limited by DNA length/quality. In our hands we regularly generate reads >100kb. There are a host of applications, including:

  • Rapid sequence identification
  • Utilizing long reads for improved genome assembly
  • Analysis of full length RNA transcripts from cDNA (PCR and PCR-free)
  • Direct sequencing of RNA molecules
  • Metagenomic analysis
  • Structural variant detection
  • Copy Number detection in complex regions
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