2023 GRCF Seminar Series

In 2023 the GRCF will present seminars in a hybrid form allowing our clients to attend live or via Zoom. Registration is required for all seminars.  

Gold Sponsors


ThermoFisher Scientific

Silver Sponsors

Becton Dickinson



Abstract : This seminar will highlight innovations in gene editing workflows and reagents that facilitate both basic research and disease model generation. This seminar will also highlight innovations in stem cell suspension culture, its characterization, and the downstream differentiation needed to generate 3D stem cell-based disease models. In addition, specific examples will be provided of how stem cell researchers can leverage novel protocols and reagents to build relevant 3-dimensional neural and cardiac organoid models.

Abstract : Real-time PCR and Digital PCR are key technologies in Molecular Biology labs. Thermo Fisher Scientific continues to innovate in this area. The Absolute Q Digital PCR system has a game changing workflow for digital PCR and enables quadraplex capabilities.

In this seminar you will learn:

• What is digital PCR?

• How does dPCR compare to qPCR?

•          How does the QuantStudio Absolute Q system work?

•          Benefits of using dPCR for quantitative experiments.

•          Benefits of using dPCR to measure rare variants.

•          Using digital PCR to evaluate molecule integrity.