• February 18, 2020, 10 am – 11 am, MRB G-01

GRCF Seminar Series featuring Oxford Nanopore.

Title: “Nanopore Sequencing – The Long and the Short of It”

Abstract: Oxford Nanopore Technologies has developed the world’s first and only nanopore DNA sequencer, the MinION. The MinION is a portable, real time, long-read, low cost device that has been designed to bring easy biological analyses to anyone, anywhere. Oxford Nanopore Technologies is increasingly being utilized to study human genomics. In fact, the long reads of the MinION device can be applied to characterize complex structural variants at breakpoint resolution. The longest continuous read to date on Oxford Nanopore Technologies is over 2 Mb, and read N50s of ~100 kB have been achieved. Moreover, because the platform does not use a polymerase, it can accurately quantify the length of repeat expansions. Accordingly, ONT has recently released a Cas9 enrichment method that can enrich for long repeat expansions, which are in turn subjected to accurate quantification of repeat length. Beyond the ability to generate true ultra-long reads, and scale through repetitive regions, Oxford Nanopore Technologies offers an inherent capacity to accurately detect DNA and RNA modifications without the requirement of any special preparation, as the modifications are directly detected on a single nucleotide level. This talk will delineate Oxford Nanopore’s current platform development and improvements, and will then highlight key genomics applications, such as: identification of complex structural variants, rapid detection of gene fusion events, discovery of novel transcript isoforms, accurate quantification of repeat expansions such as C9orf72, rapid methylome analysis in glioma, and phasing SNVs across long reads.

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• March 11, 2020, 10 am – 2 PM, Turner Concourse

GRCF Core Symposium, more details coming soon!


• March 17, 2020, 10 am – 11 am, MRB G-01

GRCF Seminar Series featuring Twist Bioscience.

Title: “Success Never Settles, Turning NGS into OMG with Twist Bioscience”

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