We Offer the Full Line of Illumina Genotyping Arrays

Not sure which one to choose? CIDR and the University of Washington have published  a paper discussing the usefulness of these arrays for imputation in various populations, which may help with array selection. Please note that the Global Diversity Array (GDA) is an updated version of MEGA, so the information in the paper about MEGA will also be true for GDA. 

Global Screening Array

The  Infinium Global Screening Array (GSA) combines multi-ethnic genome-wide content, curated clinical research variants, and quality control (QC) markers for precision medicine research. The  640,000 genome-wide markers were selected for high imputation accuracy at minor allele frequencies of >1% across all 26 1000 Genomes Project populations. The array provides a genomic tool for clinical research applications including disease risk profiling studies, pharmacogenomics research, wellness characterization, and complex disease discovery.

Global Diversity Array

The Infinium Global Diversity Array (GDA) is the commercial version of the array chosen by the  All of Us Research program. This array was designed to meet the needs of the program’s goals of genotyping the rich diversity of the United States. As such,  the markers chosen for the array combine highly optimized multi-ethnic, genome-wide content with curated clinical research variants. The array is highly informative, with a backbone optimized for cross-population imputation coverage of the genome. It also enables polygenic risk score development and characterization of genetic architecture in diverse populations.


The HumanCytoSNP-850 BeadChip features nearly 850,000 SNPs that have been chosen with input from the international cytogenetics community and peer-reviewed literature to optimize used for constitutional and cancer studies. Coverage is enriched for dosage sensitive genes and designed to pick up challenging mosaics.


94 – 4,999 samples

$ 95

per sample

  • Price for 94-5,000 samples.
  • Have between 46 and 93 samples? add $10/sample. Minimum project size is 46 samples.
  • Have 5,000 or more samples? Please inquire about discounts.
  • Need pretesting? Add $35/sample


94 – 4,999 samples

$ 125

per sample

  • No minimum project size, but projects of less than 94 samples will be charged $135/sample.
  • 5,000 or more samples: $115/sample
  • Need pretesting? Add $35/sample
  • Add-on content available for additional fee


140 samples or more

$ 280

per sample

  • Price for 94-5,000 samples.
  • Have 46 or 94 samples? Add $30/sample
  • Have small numbers? Consider the GDA with chromosomal abnormality annotation
  • Need pretesting? Add $35/sample
What’s included?

Our full service pricing includes:

  • All reagents
  • Two HapMap controls per 96 well plate
  • 1 blind duplicate every other plate.
  • Repetition of any sample which has less than a 96.5% call rate for an Illumina array. We attempt the GWAS assay only twice.
  • Full data release, which includes: hapmap concordance, reproducibility of genotype calculations broken down by MAF bin for each sample pair, GenomeStudio project, SNP and samples tables, full SNP technical filter applied, samples reclustered on own data, final reports, PLINK file and README docs explaining the data in each directory

What does pretesting include?
  • Pretesting on the Illumina QC array (15,000 snps used to barcode the sample)
  • Prediction of sample performance
  • Verification of gender & family relationships
  • Problems report provided prior to run on GWAS array
  • Opportunity to replace problem samples prior to running the sample on the GWAS array.
What if I want a different level of service?

Other pricing options exist, including ones with no controls or redos, no pretesting, raw data only and combinations of each of these. Please inquire for pricing for these other options. Assistance with plate map design, data cleaning, imputation and upload into dbGAP and other databases are available.  Please inquire for pricing.

Are other arrays available?

We offer any array Illumina manufactures.  This page lists the most popular, current arrays.  If you need a legacy array such as MEGA or Core or any of the OMNI products, please contact us, and we will work with Illumina to see if we can provide service.

Sample Requirements

  • 50 ul of genomic DNA at a concentration of 30-50 ng/ul in 1xTE (10mM Tris, 1mM EDTA, pH8) or water.
    * Uniform Volumes are required.
    * Genomic DNA, even at low concentrations is generally preferred over Whole Genome Amplified (WGA) samples.  Please discuss your sample quality and quantity with your project manager before deciding which samples to send.
    * Highly fragmented (FFPE or degraded) samples may be used with the restore process, which adds $100/sample to the cost.