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The DNA Analysis Facility offers the synthesis of oligonucleotides through Dharmacon, IDT and MilliporeSigma. Ordering through the Johns Hopkins University portal lets you take advantage of lower pricing and free shipping.  Oligos can be delivered to your lab by the Core Store for free or picked up in our office in Blalock 1004.

You can access the Johns Hopkins specific portals by clicking the appropriate button.

Dharmacon IDT MilliporeSigma

Please note:

  • You can create an account on IDT’s website instantly, but you must use an username and password that is specific to the portal, even if you have been ordering from their standard web site.  If you don’t, you will not receive the discounted pricing below, and you will be charged shipping. When placing your first order, you will see incorrect pricing and shipping charges, but your bill will be correct.
  • To set up an account with MilliporeSigma, please email us with the information listed below.  Account set up takes about 24 hours.
    • Your name
    • Your email address
    • Your phone number
    • Your PI’s name & email address
    • Your JHU building and room number (for deliveries)
  • Specialized quotes from sales representatives must be handled outside of the portal through contact with the local sales representative and the GRCF.
  • Dharmacon accounts can be created instantly.  If you already have a Dharmacon direct account, you may use that account on the portal and do not need to set up a new account.

Comparison charts of pricing, size limitations and guaranteed minimum yields are below to help you select a company.  Prices listed below are for standard, unmodified oligos, delivered in lyophilized in tubes.  All MilliporeSigma oligos ordered before 1 PM eastern time are shipped as “same day” oligos, arriving within 24 hours of ordering, at no extra charge.  IDT ships their standard oligos to arrive within 48 hours of ordering.  They offer “same day” oligos with higher pricing then listed below and charge shipping. See each company’s portal for pricing.

Oligo orders must be placed by 1 p.m. for standard shipping times to apply.

Dharmacon’s pricing is based on the exact design of the oligo ordered and does not follow the per base model.  Generally speaking they are competitive in the highly modified oligo arena, especially for RNA oligos and RNA:DNA hybrid oligos.  The charts below do not apply to their products.

Company  Synthesis Scale   
25 nmole*50 nmole*100 nmole*200 nmole*250 nmole*1 µmol**
*See table below for size limitations

**Larger quantities available from all companies, please call 410-955-2836 for pricing.

Size limitations

Company  Oligo Lengths   
25 nmole50 nmole100 nmole200 nmole250 nmole1 µmol

Guaranteed Minimum Yield

Company  Minimum Yield (OD/µg)  
25 nmole50 nmole100 nmole200 nmole250 nmole1 µmol

Long Oligos

IDT offers long oligos up to 200 bp in length.  These Ultramers can be 60-200 bases long and may be PAGE purified for an additional fee.  Purification will lower yield.

MilliporeSigma offers long oligo synthesis up to 180 bp. Any sequence >120 bp is reviewed by a scientist for synthesis feasibility. To maintain sequence purification >95% and minimize truncation, the minimum scale for long oligos is 0.2 umol and PAGE purification. Please email your requests to us, and we will have MilliporeSigma provide a custom quote.

CompanySynthesis Yield Purification
3-4 nmole20 nmoleHPLC
MilliporeSigmaAsk for quoteAsk for quoteIncluded in quote
*RP1 purification is standard on all Extendamers