GRCF External Ordering Access Guide
GRCF SERVICES & PRODUCTSJH BioBank Services*Genotyping (Illumina & OpenArray)*
Bioshipping Services*Genotyping (STR, VNTR & Taqman)**
Blood Processing*Mycoplasma Testing**
Cell Culture Services*OpenArray (microRNA & Gene Expression)*
Cell Line Authentication**PCR Support**
Digital PCR*Real Time PCR Scheduling*
DNA Isolation Sequencing (all types)**
DNA & RNA QC Single Cell Genomics
Fibroblast Establishment *Whole Genome Amplification
FOOTNOTES * To establish an iLab account: iLab Account Setup
** Genesifter is no longer available to external customers as it has been placed behind the University firewall. For information on related services, please e-mail to the link provided.