DNA synthesis technology now allows entire genes and high quality gene fragments to be synthesized.  This can be helpful for difficult to clone sequences, for creation of qPCR standards, for use in CRISPR systems or for the construction of specific mutations. IDT offers two formats: custom genes and gBlocks.

Custom Genes

Custom genes are delivered in standard vectors, but may be ordered in custom vectors for an additional charge. Minimum yield is 2 µg of plasmid.

Genes may be ordered from IDT through the Johns Hopkins University portal:


IDT adheres to the International Gene Synthesis Consortium’s protocols and screen the sequences to identify regulated and potentially dangerous pathogen sequences.

In standard vectorPrice
Mini-genes (25-500 bp)$198.00 (flat fee)
Genes (501-1500 bp)$0.40/base
Genes (1501-3000 bp)$0.40/base
Genes (3001-5000 bp)$0.54/base
gBlock Gene Fragments

These synthetic products are affordable double-stranded, sequence-verified genomic blocks. They ship in only a few days.  gBlocks may contain only A, T, C or G residues, and are delivered dry,  normalized to the yield show below.  See the table below for ship times and pricing as well.  Plates with a minimum of 48 fragments may also be ordered.  These are shipped on dry ice, suspended in 25 ul of nuclease-free water at 10 ng/ul, within 10 business days of ordering.  Plates do incur shipping charges.

gBlocks are also available in library pools. These pools contain gene fragments with up to 18 consecutive variable bases (N or K) for recombinant antibody generation or protein engineering.  These are delivered dry, normalized to 200 ng.


Fragment SizeBusiness Days until shipping*Amount (ng)Price**
125-250 bp2-4250$89.00
251-500 bp2-4500$89.00
501-750 bp2-4500$129.00
751-1000 bp3-51000$149.00
1001-1250 bp5-81000$209.00
1251-1500 bp5-81000$249.00
1501-1750 bp5-81000$289.00
1751-2000 bp5-81000$329.00
Single Mixed Base10-15N/A$150.00
>1 Mixed Bases (each)10-15200$75.00/base

*shipping time in business days and is dependent on length and complexity. In a few cases, shipping may exceed these estimated times.
**Prices include free shipping