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GRCF Internal Ordering Guide

To order, click on the service you are interested in purchasing.  For instructions, on how to create an iLab or Genesifter account, please refer to the footnotes.
GRCF Internal Ordering Access Guide
GRCF SERVICES & PRODUCTSBiorepository Services*Genotyping (Illumina & OpenArray)*
Bioshipping Services*Genotyping (STR, VNTR & Taqman)**
Blood Processing*Mycoplasma Testing**
Cell Culture Services*Oligonucleotides
Cell Line Authentication**OpenArray (microRNA & Gene Expression)*
Core StorePCR Support**
Core Store 24/7Pipette Calibration*
CRISPRPrimeTime Assays
Digital PCR*QIAGEN Assay
DNA Isolation **Real Time PCR Scheduling*
DNA Storage E-mail for instructionsSequencing (all types) **
DNA & RNA QC **Single Cell Genomics*
Dry Ice*Taqman Assays
Fibroblast Establishment *Whole Genome Applification **
Gene Synthesis
FOOTNOTES * To establish an iLab account: iLab Account Setup
** Johns Hopkins customers accessing Genesifter remotely: Instructions for Remote Access