cell line stock growth & Maintenance
mycoplasma-free guarantee
material transfer agreements
shipping & import/export

Collaboration made simple

Don’t have time to manage shipments to collaborators?

Let us do the work! We handle the entire process from growth and maintenance of stocks to shipment and customs issues. 

How does it work?

#1 Seed Stock deposit & setup fee paid

Seed stock vials are prepared for expansion and tested for mycoplasma. Distribution setup fee is charged based on estimated number of shipments per month.

*Additional costs may be incurred for specialized media reagents required for growth

#2 Expansion & Establishment of shipping + Backup stocks

Initial working stock is frozen down based on the estimated number of shipments per month. Backup stock is frozen with the earliest passages available and stored in multiple secure freezers in the event of downstream issues.

#3 we ship out to your collaborators

Once expansion has been completed and passes post-freeze quality control metrics, the working stock is ready for shipment.

All you need to do is forward us requests for your cell line and we take it from there!

Why setup your cell line with us?

We offer a full service that helps connect your published material with investigators of your choosing both nationally and internationally. We have made every effort to simplify collaborative cell line processes for Johns Hopkins investigators, offering a hands-off approach to sharing materials.

  • CAP-Accredited Lab and BioBank
  • Mycoplasma-free Guarantee
  • Establishment of early passage reserves
  • Establishment of growth specification sheet for your cell line
  • Proper import/export customs documentation for shipment success
  • Communication with JHU Technology Transfer to ensure appropriate MTA execution and/or licensing

How do I setup my cell line for distribution?

Please contact us for a customized quote!