PCR Amplification Support Services

Pyrosequencing Projects

PCR amplification support for Pyrosequencing methylation studies are available to customers utilizing our GRCF Pyrosequencing service. Samples are PCR amplified using customer supplied Qiagen predesigned or custom kits. Service includes PCR of samples, amplification confirmation by agarose gel electrophoresis and submission for Pyrosequencing. Please contact  DNA Services or call 410-955-2836 to initiate a custom project.

Sample Requirements

Pyrosequencing (methylation analysis): 40 ng at 5 ng/ul to 10 ng/µl of bisulfite converted DNA per amplicon. If submitting genomic DNA for bisulfite conversion, we recommend converting a minimum of 100ng.

Pyrosequencing (SNP analysis, mutation detection, sequencing): 40 ng at 5 ng/µl to 10 ng/µl per amplicon.

Sanger Sequencing Projects

PCR support is available for Sanger sequencing projects. Service includes primer design, development of PCR amplification conditions, amplification of samples, and submission of samples for Sanger sequencing.

Please contact  DNA Services or call 410-955-2836 to initiate a project.

Sample Requirements

60ng at 10-20ng/µl per amplicon


PCR Support pricing is sample number dependent. Please contact  Alejandra Gutierrez for a quote and ordering instructions.