The GRCF offers total RNA isolation and storage services.

Isolation can be done from PAXgene blood collection tubes, tissues (fresh or RNAlater preserved), cultured cells and plasma samples. 

RNA is suitable for downstream applications such as…

cDNA Synthesis


Northern Blots

Library Construction

Quantitative analysis is returned following the isolation of total RNA.

  • Primary quantitative analysis is done by Nanodrop.

  • Qualitative analysis is available by Advanced Analytical Fragment Analyzer CE analysis. Additional fees apply at $14 per sample. Discounts for full runs (10 samples) or full plates (92 samples).
  •  Advanced Analytical’s PROSize software determines a RQN (RNA Quality Number) on a scale from 1 to 10.




$ 37


PaxGene Collection Tube

$ 40



$ 35

Cultured Cells

< 5 x 10E5 Cells

$ 30

Cultured Cells with small RNA

<1x 10E7

$ 32

Tissue with small RNA

<30mgFor 100 Sites

$ 37


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