The GRCF is partnering with Agilent to offer Oligonucleotide Library Synthesis. 

Through this partnership, you can order libraries of 7,500 oligos up to 244,000 oligos.

With industry leading fidelity and representation, Agilent has a library solution to meet your needs. Agilent utilizes its advanced DNA synthesis platform to offer fully custom, high quality oligonucleotide libraries compatible with any application or experimental approach. The advanced chemistries developed at Agilent empower the creation of highly complex oligo pools and enable the printing of longer oligos. A flyer with an overview of this process is available for  download.


To start the order process, please fill out our order form and  email it to us.

Agilent OLS Platform

Agilent’s oligo library synthesis platform offers the world’s most advanced and reliable manufacturing scale array-based DNA synthesis. Agilent has harnessed the SurePrint platform to refine the DNA printing process for oligonucleotide libraries, creating the ability to generate libraries far superior to those that have previously been available. Every library that is synthesized is custom, so you can design your own library from the ground up, making the start of your experiments more accessible than ever. 

Consistent, high complexity, parallel synthesis without sacrificing fidelity

Industry leading fidelity and uniform representation

Consistently low error rates improve your functional results and reduce screening time 

Custom design for almost any application or experimental approach

Rapid customization at ultra-high quality means you can design your library around your workflow

Up to 244,000 oligos

Oligo lengths of 30 – 230 nt