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QIAGEN Geneglobe Assays

Assays found on QIAGEN’s Geneglobe site can be ordered through the DNA Services.  This ordering mechanism is intended for use only for the products that are not available through the Core Store.  You should check the Core Store for availability before using this mechanism.  For example, mastermixes and other PCR components should be ordered through the store, but primer sets should be ordered through this mechanism.

Products include assays for:

  • Gene silencing (siRNAs in several different formats)
  • Gene expression analysis (RT-PCR primer sets)
  • miRNA (detection primers, mimics, inhibitors, precursor assays, custom assay designs)
  • Expression of proteins
  • Next gen sequencing primers
  • DNA methylation (including Pyrosequencing assays)

Order through the GRCF to receive a discount and free shipping on all orders. Simply go to QIAGEN’s site, fill up your shopping cart, save the cart and then e-mail it to yourself and with the following information: PI name, budget (IO#) number and contact phone number.

For more information contact us or call 410-955-2836.