Assays found on Qiagen’s GeneGlobe site can be ordered through the DNA Services

Order through the GRCF to receive a discount and free shipping on all orders.

How do I order?

 Simply navigate to  QIAGEN’s site, fill up your shopping cart, save the cart and then e-mail it to yourself and with the following information: PI name, budget (IO#) number and contact phone number.

Please note: This ordering mechanism is intended for use only for the products that are not available through the  Core Store. You should check the Core Store for availability before using this mechanism. For example, mastermixes and other PCR components should be ordered through the store, but primer sets should be ordered through this mechanism.

For more information  contact us or call 410-955-2836.

Assay Products

Gene silencing (siRNAs in several different formats)

Gene expression analysis (RT-PCR primer sets)

miRNA (detection primers, mimics, inhibitors, precursor assays, custom assay designs)

Expression of proteins

Next gen sequencing primers

DNA methylation (including Pyrosequencing assays)



All orders are final.

Orders cannot be altered once placed. If you need to change something about your order, please call us immediately upon emailing the shopping cart. Once you receive the email stating that your order has been placed, it is too late to change it.

If you have questions regarding your order, please  contact us or call 410-955-2836.


You must provide a Johns Hopkins budget number or a KKI PO when placing oligo orders. Do not provide a credit card number or a PO number from SAP. We cannot use them as payment.


Qiagen products may take 2-7 days for delivery. Qiagen does not provide estimated shipping dates, and does not provide a way to check order status.

If no one is present in your lab when your order is delivered, it will be returned to our facility. We will not leave an order without a signature.

If you wish to pick up your order, but selected delivery when you placed your order, please call 410-955-2836 the morning you are expecting your order and we will set them aside for pick up. Please have your order number ready when calling.

Shipping charges

There are no shipping charges for any Qiagen orders placed through the GRCF.