Save the Date! Come Learn, Engage, & Celebrate!
• 35th GRCF Anniversary   • 25th Symposium Anniversary   • DNA Day  • Earth Week

2024 GRCF Symposium, April 25th,9:00 am – 2:45 pm, Turner Concourse

Keynote Address

Title: “Sequencing Benny: The Biodiversity Crisis

Speaker: Alan F. Scott , Ph.D., Associate Professor, JHU SOM, Emeritus Director & Founder, JHU Genetic Resources Core Facility 

Plenary Address

Title:  “Digging into genomics with BIODIGS at under-resourced institutions”

Speaker: Ava Hoffman , JHU School of Public Health, Associate Faculty .

Partnership with
JHU Sustainability

Exhibition Concourse

The Exhibit Concourse will be open 9 am – 2:45 pm. Exhibitors will include the service sectors of the GRCF:

Other exhibitors include: 

• 10X Genomics, BD Biosciences, BioLegend, Bio-Rad, Cell Signaling Technology, Corning Life Sciences, Cytiva, Integrated DNA Technologies, Illumina, Inc., New England BioLabs, Oxford Nanopore, Promega, QIAGEN, Quality Biological, Thermo-Fisher Scientific, Twist Bioscience


The Agenda for the 2024 Symposium includes a Plenary Session, Keynote Session and nine seminars from various exhibitors. To view the full agenda click here: 2024 GRCF Symposium Agenda .  

It’s a Celebration!

We have so much to celebrate in 2024!