RNA Interference (RNAi) with MilliporeSigma

Custom siRNA Products

Advanced siRNA design and quality synthesis are crucial for a successful RNA interference experiment. MilliporeSigma’s predesigned siRNA and siRNA libraries were designed using the Rosetta siRNA Design Algorithm to reduce off-target effects and provide guaranteed gene silencing. Coupled with our custom siRNA synthesis services and siRNA transfection reagents, we offer industry-leading technologies that enhance RNAi research.

For in vivo research, MilliporeSigma® provides MISSION® In Vivo Quality and iScale Oligos™ siRNA that deliver highly purified siRNA at the quantity necessary for successful in vivo experiments. Our expertise in oligo manufacturing allows us to offer a variety of modifications and scales suitable for any stage in your in vivo research.


2 OD (10 nmol): $72.00

5 OD (25 nmol): $140.00

10 ID (50 nmol): $168.00

Please note that prior to ordering, you must set up a GRCF portal specific account with MilliporeSigma by  emailing us with the following information:

  1. Your name
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shRNA Products

When you partner with MilliporeSigma’s MISSION RNAi team, you gain access to the extensively validated genome-wide TRC shRNA libraries, flexible lentiviral shRNA custom services, and ideal screening formats designed to accelerate your RNAi discovery. Save time and resources when you take advantage of the MISSION team’s world-class expertise in high-throughput lentiviral manufacturing and DNA purification services. We offer unparalleled gene coverage with our new TRC1.5 library and TRC2 clones available exclusively through Sigma® Life Science.

As a collaborative member and distributor of TRC1.5 and TRC2, MilliporeSigma offers multiple formats of the TRC1.5 lentivirus-based shRNA library consisting of almost 200,000 pre-cloned shRNA vectors targeting more than 22,000 human and 20,000 mouse genes. Whole-genome TRC shRNA libraries, individual RNAi clones/vectors, or shRNA gene family sets (gene panels) are available in the standard glycerol format as well as the higher quality DNA and lentiviral formats exclusively from Sigma.


shRNA Format1-4 Clones5-24 Clones25+ Clones
Glycerol stock$121.00$63.00$48.00
Plasmid DNA$291.00$146.00$112.00
Lentiviral particles$340.00$170.00$121.00

Please note that prior to ordering, you must set up a GRCF portal specific account with MilliporeSigma by  emailing us with the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your email address
  3. Your phone number
  4. Your Building and room number (for delivery)
  5. Your PI’s name

Not sure which option is best for your project?

Sigma has several tools to help you.

PlasmiD DNA

MISSION®  TRC shRNA purified plasmid DNA format takes the hassle out of preparing DNA from each construct. DNA may be used directly for transient or stable transfection or with packaging plasmids in a packaging cell line to produce lentiviral particles. 1 µg of DNA is provided for each construct.

Lentiviral Transduction Particles

MISSION®  TRC shRNA lentiviral transduction particle format offers the ultimate in convenience. The transduction particles are ready to add directly to your cells. Virtually any mammalian cell line can be transduced, including primary and non-dividing cells.

TRC1 & TRC1.5 Glycerol Stocks

The TRC1 and TRC1.5 libraries consist of bacterial glycerol stocks harboring sequence-verified shRNA lentiviral plasmid vectors for mouse and human genes cloned into the pLKO.1-puro vector

TRC2 Glycerol Stocks

The TRC2 library consists of bacterial glycerol stocks harboring sequence-verified shRNAs for mouse and human genes in the TRC2-pLKO-puro vector. The TRC2 vector has a single additional element in comparison to the TRC1 vector. This is the WPRE, or the Woodchuck Hepatitis Post- Transcriptional Regulatory Element. WPRE allows for enhanced expression of transgenes delivered by lentiviral vectors. 2

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to activate my account?

For MilliporeSigma, you must create an account and wait for an email indicating that the account is active. This may take up to two business days.

Do I need a purchase order to place an order? Can I pay with an IO number?

On any of these sites, you will pay with your budget number. You do not need a credit card or a PO number from SAP. KKI customers should enter the last name of the PI on their grant or a KKI PO number. All customers (KKI and JHU) will be billed through iLab. JHU customers should check to make sure their budget numbers are active in iLab. Non-sponsored budget numbers must be added to iLab manually by following  these instructions.

When will I receive my items?

Standard oligo orders placed before noon from MilliporeSigma arrive the next business day. siRNA & shRNA products typically require 2-5 business days for delivery.

Will you leave the order in my lab if no one is there?

No. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the items ordered through our portals, someone must be present in your lab for your order to be delivered.

May I pick up my order, even if I indicated I wanted delivery when I placed the order?

Yes. On a typical day, we receive the orders by 11:30 AM. Orders are available in Blalock 1004 from the time they arrive until we close at 4:30 PM. You may stop by and pick them up anytime during those orders. If you call ahead, please be prepared to tell us the order number and then name of the person placing the order. Orders are brought to the CoreStore early the following morning and set out for delivery.

If you know that you would like to pick up your order at the time you place your order, you may replace your building and room number with the words “Pick up” and we will contact you when the order arrives.  Pickup orders are placed in one of our lockers near the Blalock elevators and are available 24/7.

I order for more than one lab. How do I change where an order is being delivered?

You should create a separate ordering account for each lab to make sure that your orders are delivered to the correct location.

How do I order something that requires a special quote?

To order something that requires a special quote, please  email us all of the necessary information and we will reach out to your chosen company and generate the quote. This will ensure that our special pricing and free shipping are applied.