RNA Interference (RNAi) with IDT

3,000,000 DsiRNAs pre-designed against the approximately 25,000 genes from each of the human, mouse, rat, cow, dog, chicken, and chimp transcriptomes

Please note: if this is your first time ordering through the GRCF portal,  you must create a new account on our portal to take advantage of the lower pricing and free shipping.

Predesigned DsiRNA Duplex Options:

Splice common: targets all known variants of a gene in RefSeq; duplexes lie only within common extons. This constitutes the bulk of the DsiRNA collection and is the correct choice for most users. 8–10 duplexes are available for each gene target.

Splice specific: targets only exons present in specific splice forms. In some cases, the unique exon may be very small or comprise sequence unfavorable for selection of RNAi duplexes (please note that knock-down guarantees do not apply for these sites). This collection is intended for those researchers who have a specialized need to selectively target specific splice variants or isoforms.

When working with a gene target that is included in the above collection, IDT recommends using the predesigned duplexes as these include significantly more bioinformatic analysis than is possible for sequences designed in real time using the web interface design tool.

For examples of pricing, please see the  IDT price list.

Please note that you must create a new account on our portal to take advantage of the lower pricing and free shipping through the portal. Usernames created on the standard IDT web-site or on the SAP punchout will work, but will not give the appropriate pricing.

Frequently asked questions

How do I set up a GRCF portal account with my favorite company? Is each company a different login?
  • For IDT, you must create a  portal specific account, but account set-up is instantaneous. Simply go to our portal and create a new account. Make sure you do not click anywhere else on the page prior to creating the account, or the web-site will lose the association with our portal. Once you have set up the account, you may place your order. When placing your first order on a newly created account, you will see incorrect pricing and shipping charges, but your bill will be correct.
How long does it take to activate my account?

IDT account creation is instantaneous.

I already have an account set up with this company on their standard web-site. May I use that account?

No. You must create an account specific to the GRCF portal in order to take advantage of our pricing. 

Do I need a purchase order to place an order? Can I pay with an IO number?

On any of these sites, you will pay with your budget number. You do not need a credit card or a PO number from SAP. KKI customers should enter the last name of the PI on their grant or a KKI PO number. All customers (KKI and JHU) will be billed through iLab. JHU customers should check to make sure their budget numbers are active in iLab. Non-sponsored budget numbers must be added to iLab manually by following  these instructions.

When will I receive my items?

Standard oligo orders placed with IDT before 2 PM will arrive in our office two business days after they are placed. Other items vary depending on the time it takes the manufacturer to ship. All items are available in Blalock 1004 the day they are received and will go out for delivery with the CoreStore the next morning.

Will you leave the order in my lab if no one is there?

No. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the items ordered through our portals, someone must be present in your lab for your order to be delivered.

May I pick up my order, even if I indicated I wanted delivery when I placed the order?

Yes. On a typical day, we receive the orders by 11:30 AM. Orders are available in Blalock 1004 from the time they arrive until we close at 4:30 PM. You may stop by and pick them up anytime during those orders. If you call ahead, please be prepared to tell us the order number and then name of the person placing the order. Orders are brought to the CoreStore early the following morning and set out for delivery.

If you know that you would like to pick up your order at the time you place your order, you may replace your building and room number with the words “Pick up” and we will contact you when the order arrives.  Pickup orders are placed in one of our lockers near the Blalock elevators and are available 24/7.

I order for more than one lab. How do I change where an order is being delivered?

You should create a separate ordering account for each lab to make sure that your orders are delivered to the correct location.

How do I order something that requires a special quote?

To order something that requires a special quote, please  email us all of the necessary information and we will reach out to your chosen company and generate the quote. This will ensure that our special pricing and free shipping are applied.

Why do I see shipping charges when placing an order from IDT?

This usually means that you have logged into the portal using a username and password that were set up for the SAP punchout or the normal IDT web-site. Using the wrong login will take you to the direct website without any notification. You will only receive free shipping if you use a username and password set up specifically on our portal. You will know you are on the correct website if you see a banner that says “You are using the DNA Analysis Facility Portal” on every page. Also, when you begin the checkout process, the billing and shipping information should be prepopulated with the GRCF address and PO. Click past this page and you will come to a page that asks for your budget number and building and room number. If your account is set up properly and you see shipping charges, you have probably chosen the “expedite” products. See the image below for the correct selection for avoiding those expedite fees.

As of 5/14/22, IDT is imposing a $0.50 fee on all standard orders, a $29 fee on all expedited orders and a $85 on all dry ice shipments. These charges will be added to your order and billed through iLab.