Modified Primers and Specialty Probes

Through our partnerships, we are able to offer a wide variety of specialty synthesis products, including, but not limited to:


  • Phosphorothioate bonds
  • Biotinylation (5’ & 3’)
  • Phosphorylation (5’ & 3’)
  • Fluorescent labels, including FAM, HEX, TET, Cy3, Cy5, and many others
  • Inosine
  • Deoxy-Uracil
  • At least 50 others, depending on manufacturer


  • DNA probes (single and dual labeled)
  • LNA probes (LNA are only available as labeled probes, not as regular oligos due to licensing agreements)
  • PrimeTime Assays (IDT only)
  • siRNA (single and duplex)
  • WellRED oligos
  • Molecular Beacons
  • LightCycler probes
  • Scorpion probes

All fluorescently labeled oligos are shipped in amber tubes to protect dye integrity.  Products, quantity and availability vary by manufacturer.  Price lists at show the most common modifications.  Others are available.  Please call 410-955-2836 or check the company portals.

Delivery times for specialty oligos range from 3 to 10 days.