Gene Editing with Dharmacon™ Edit-R™ CRISPR-Cas9 Reagents

The Dharmacon Edit-R CRISPR-Cas9 platform greatly simplifies the workflow of permanently knocking out genes. Our approach includes predesigned, ready-to-use DNA and RNA components and enables fast assessment of multiple target sites per gene for multiple genes. Our guide RNAs are designed via our validated algorithm to create functional knockouts and eliminate potential off-targets. Design and ordering tools are available for custom synthetic sgRNA, crRNA, and lentiviral sgRNA.

Cas9 nuclease – Lentiviral, Expression Plasmid, Protein, and mRNA to address a wide variety of gene editing applications and cell types

Guide RNA –  Pre-designed and custom synthetic crRNA:tracrRNA, Lentiviral sgRNA, synthetic sgRNA

CRISPR Controls – Positive and negative controls for initial optimization and ongoing assessment of experimental conditions

CRISPR Libraries – Screening libraries available in arrayed and pooled formats for different gene families, druggable genome, and whole genome for human and mouse. Custom cherry-pick libraries also available.

Flexibility to Fit Your Workflow

Horizon offers Edit-R CRISPR guide RNA in pools or as individual reagents in a variety of formats to fit many different experimental workflows.

  • Synthetic single guide (sgRNA) or two part crRNA:tracrRNA reagents can be co-transfected with  Cas9 mRNA or  protein for DNA-free workflows. 
  • Lentiviral sgRNA are recommended for editing in difficult-to-transfect cells. 
  • All-in-one lentiviral sgRNA + Cas9 offers a single-reagent knockout workflow. 
  • Custom design synthetic or lentiviral guide RNAs for additional species, alternative nucleases or any target location using the  CRISPR Design Tool.

Design tools are also available! 

CRISPR Design Tool

Horizon’s Edit-R CRISPR design tool generates guide RNAs for straightforward knockout experiments, as well as custom site-specific guides that target user-defined regions of a gene.

Edit-R HDR Donor Designer – Oligo
This tool is for designing and ordering a single-strand DNA donor (≤ 150 nt) for precise CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing with the HDR pathway.

Edit-R HDR Donor Designer – Plasmid
This tool is for designing and ordering the DNA components required to build a custom donor plasmid for insertion of EGFP, mKate2, or a custom sequence to any genomic site.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any University regulations for ordering these items?

Ordering lentivirus vectors from this site requires that investigators have a current recombinant DNA and infectious agent registration for this material from the  Johns Hopkins Biosafety Office. The other components do not have any special requirements.

How many guideRNAs (gRNA) should I order for each target?

Since CRISPRs have been shown to have a wide variation in their activity, even when designed in close proximity to each other, it is recommended you order at least 2 gRNAs per target.

When will I receive my items?

Standard oligo orders placed before noon from MilliporeSigma arrive the next business day. Standard oligo orders placed with IDT before 2 PM will arrive in our office two business days after they are placed.  Other items vary depending on the time it takes the manufacturer to ship.  All items are available in Blalock 1004 the day they are received and will go out for delivery with the CoreStore the next morning.

Will you leave the order in my lab if no one is there?

No. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the items ordered through our portals, someone must be present in your lab for your order to be delivered.

May I pick up my order, even if I indicated I wanted delivery when I placed the order?

Yes. On a typical day, we receive the orders by 11:30 AM. Orders are available in Blalock 1004 from the time they arrive until we close at 4:30 PM. You may stop by and pick them up anytime during those orders. If you call ahead, please be prepared to tell us the order number and then name of the person placing the order. Orders are brought to the CoreStore early the following morning and set out for delivery.

If you know that you would like to pick up your order at the time you place your order, you may replace your building and room number with the words “Pick up” and we will contact you when the order arrives.  Pickup orders are placed in one of our lockers near the Blalock elevators and are available 24/7.