Delivering CRISPR at any scale: from research to GMP.  

Partner with Agilent & the GRCF to benefit from industry leading nucleic acid solutions and efficiently advance from research to lead oligo candidates for clinic and market. One of the many advantages of working with Agilent is their ability to provide a seamless experience from research grade to GMP material. Extensive knowledge and experience enable Agilent’s nucleic acid experts to provide high purity R&D grade material for your preliminary research assays and development phase pilots, and then accelerate the scale-up to large quantity GMP material when you are ready. Agilent supports you through all phases of growth and will assist in the transition from early stage research to clinical development to commercialization.

Agilent’s SureGuide Chemically Synthesized sgRNAs for CRISPR are the industry standard for quality nucleic acids. Using a patented, proprietary chemistry makes the synthesis of long RNA oligonucleotides as robust and efficient as DNA synthesis. This chemistry is used to synthesize and deliver ultra-high-quality CRISPR guides that have few contaminants. Agilent developed several unique chemical modifications that improve the efficiency, stability and specificity of guide RNAs in a variety of cell types.  Key features include:

  • Custom sequences up to 140 nt, longer lengths available upon request
  • Quantities from 100 µg to 100 mg (3 – 3000 nmol) to scale your experiment
  • Research and Development grade to GMP material
  • Chemical modifications at no extra charge (M or MS at 5′ and 3′ ends)
  • Additional modifications and longer lengths available upon request, ensuring the flexibility you need

To start the order process, fill out the custom quote spreadsheet linked below and email it to the GRCF.