The GRCF is excited to announce the award of $25,000 in Core Coins in 2018 as a funding mechanism to offer single molecule sequencing on the Oxford Nanopore GridION platform, with a focus on rapid sequence identification, utilizing long reads for improved genome assembly, analysis of full length RNA transcripts from cDNA, direct sequencing of RNA molecules, metagenomic analysis, structural variant detection, copy number detection in complex regions, and support of experimentation where short reads are insufficient.


2018 GRCF, Core Coin, RFA

2018 GRCF DNA Services Core Coin Awardees

  • Ryuya Fukunaga, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, SOM Bio Chem Biological Chemistry
  • Subroto Chatterjee, Ph.D., Professor, SOM Ped Cardiology
  • Sarven Sabunciyan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, SOM Ped Stanley Neurovirology
  • David Nauen, Assistant Professor, SOM Pat Neuropathology
  • Andrew McCallion, Ph.D., Associate Professor, SOM Genetics & William Law, Research Fellow, McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine
  • Laura Ensign-Hodges, Ph.D., Associate Professor, SOM Nanomedicine
  • Ho Lam Tang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, SOM Neuro Sur Pediatrics

Core Coins History

The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Core Coins Pilot Program is a  funding mechanism designed to encourage investigators to access core services and facilities. The goal is to accelerate research by providing rapid, targeted funding to address small but critical gaps in basic, clinical and translational research work currently not funded by other sources. Core Coins will be awarded on a competitive basis to individual investigators and core facilities.