Title: NEBNext UltraExpress™ Library Prep Kits for DNA or RNA- Streamlined for Speed

Presenter: Siva Chavadi, PhD., Sr. Field Applications Scientist, New England Biolabs (NEB), Inc.

Abstract: For over 14 years, NEB has addressed the challenges in sequencing sample prep by offering solutions that streamline workflows, minimize inputs and improve library yield and quality. The NEBNext. porGolio includes solutions for a wide range of DNA and RNA sample types. As of today, NEB offers more than 90 different NEBNext. products suitable for sample preparation for Illumina®, Oxford Nanopore Technologies® and Ion Torrent™ sequencing platforms, as well as products applicable to multiple sequencing platforms. Use of NEBNext. products has been cited n over 25,000 publications with over 5000 citations in the last 12 months period.

As NGS technologies improve and capacities expand, library construction has increasingly become the bottleneck for fast data turnaround and overall cost. There is a growing need for faster, easier, and automatable protocols that perform reliably and do not compromise the quality of the libraries produced. We have recently launched two new “DNA sample in, library out” workflows with mechanical or enzyma>cal shearing approaches, allowing for a single tube, standardized protocol for fast library preparation. Similarly, we have developed RNA workflow that is compatible with the existing poly(A) enrichment or ribosomal RNA depletion, allowing for a single day library prep protocol. The streamlined, user-friendly workflows reduce hands-on time by combining reaction steps, removing clean-ups, and simplifying the protocols by using a single adaptor concentration and one PCR cycling condition. We have applied these robust workflows to generate high quality sequencing data. We expect these library preparation methods will serve in a myriad of NGS applications, including clinical and diagnostic settings.