The GRCF Biorepository offers biological material shipping support to all GRCF customers.  This can range from full service to purchasing of shipping supplies, recommendations for success, customs documentation guidance or general advise.

The GRCF Biorepository processes more than 500 domestic and international shipments per year for its customers and their collaborators. The service includes shipping arrangements, documentation, dry ice, shipping boxes, contact with courier for pick-up and telephone or e-mail follow-up with recipient upon shipping.

All GRCF Biorepository personnel have been trained in Department of Transportation (DOT) hazardous materials shipping regulations. Investigators are responsible for preparing any necessary material transfer agreements (MTA) through the Johns Hopkins Office of Licensing and Technology.  Clinical trial specimens are routinely shipped according to study needs. The majority of our shipments are sent via FedEx Priority cryopreserved on dry ice.

Cell Line Distribution

The GRCF Biorepository can help with cell line collaborations!  We offer a full service that helps connect your published material with investigators of your choosing both nationally and internationally.  We have made every effort to simplify collaborative cell line processes for Johns Hopkins investigators, offering a hands-off approach to sharing materials.

The GRCF Biorepository:

  • works closely with your group to establish a growth specification sheet for cell lines.
  • establishes and preserves early passage reserves for cell lines.
  • ensures that all distributed cell lines are mycoplasma-free.
  • maintains a viable inventory to allow for quick material transfer when requested.
  • arranges for packaging and shipment of your material with confirmation or receipt and recipient follow-up.
  • works with recipient to ensure proper customs documentation for shipment success.
  • works with JHU Technology Transfer to ensure appropriate MTA execution for all transfers.
  • ensures that every distribution of biomaterial is authorized by the primary investigator.

Let us help you with your next specimen shipment!

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