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dPCR/qPCR Assays

Differences and changes in gene expression are important measures to understand biological systems. One of the most widely used methods of analyzing gene expression is quantitative PCR (qPCR) following cDNA synthesis. qPCR, also called real-time PCR, uses a fluorescent reporter molecule with a primer pair to measure target nucleic acid amplification during PCR cycling. Most qPCR assays can also be used for dPCR

The suppliers offer a variety of tools for performing qPCR, including off the shelf assays (both probe based and intercalating dye based) and custom assays.

PrimeTime Assays from IDT

PrimeTime qPCR assays come in two formats: probe based assays and primer only assays.

Probe based assays may be ordered with a variety of dye and quencher combinations, in three different scales: 100, 500 or 2500 reactions. Predesigned human, mouse and rat assays are available, and IDT also provides tools to help with the design of custom assays.

Primer only assays are ideal for using with intercalating dye experiments. Each order of these primers is enough for 500 reactions.

Primer and probe sequences are provided with all orders.

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QuantiNova Assays from Qiagen

QuantiNova LNA assays come in two formats: probe based assays and primer only assays.

Choose from the broadest selection of predesigned assays for accurate and sensitive detection of any human, mouse or rat mRNA or lncRNA – from general transcript detection to differentiation of specific transcript isoforms. LNA enhancement allows the design of shorter primers and probes, which are more flexible to position on the target, providing opportunities to design for specific transcript detection or target differentiation. Plus, thorough design validation ensures optimal performance and robust detection, and assays for all popular mRNAs and lncRNAs undergo wet-lab validation. 

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Taqman Assays from ThermoFisher

TaqMan Gene Expression assays are the gold standard in real-time PCR gene expression studies, built on more than 20 years of experience. Each assay includes target primers and a sequence-specific probe optimized for the best functional performance. No additional design, optimization, or melt curve analysis is needed. Available in a wide variety of formats and species, new assay designs are constantly added to help meet your research needs. TaqMan assays have been cited in over 40,000 publications and are backed by more than 350 patents.

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