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Since 1987, Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) has been a major force in advancing biotechnology research both as a leading supplier of custom oligonucleotides and a developer of innovative new biotechnologies. Researchers select IDT as their custom oligonucleotide supplier of choice for quality, service and price. Over 77,000 customers worldwide trust IDT for dependable products of the highest quality. IDT manufactures the oligo using chemical DNA synthesis machines designed and built in-house. We’ve refined the process to the point where we can receive an order as late as 1:00pm and have the desired oligo in the researcher’s hands the next morning. Our customers range from small university labs of only a few scientists to global pharmaceutical companies, and everything in between.

In 2001, IDT dramatically expanded its manufacturing capacity and further enhanced its high-throughput synthesis division. IDT now routinely fulfills large-volume orders consisting of hundreds of thousands of oligonucleotides, while still maintaining quality controls that are second to none. Today, every oligo synthesized is tested by mass spectrometry and must pass strict quality control guidelines to be shipped to the customer. In addition to improving the quality of custom synthesized DNA, IDT has dramatically shortened turnaround times by offering a variety of expedited services, such as SameDay oligo synthesis, Rapid HPLC purification services, HOTplates and Express DLP products.

Long oligos, Gene synthesis, RNA oligos and siRNAs are also available from IDT. Explore the options on the portal:

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