All orders are final.

Orders cannot be altered once placed.  If you need to change something about the order, please contact the company in question directly.  The GRCF is not able to see or alter orders placed on any oligo portal.

If you have questions regarding your order, please contact us or call 410-955-2836.


You must provide a Johns Hopkins budget number when placing oligo orders.  Do not provide a credit card number or a PO number from SAP.  We cannot use them as payment.  KKI customers should put their PI’s last name in the payment box.  Charges will be consolidated and a monthly invoice provided.  This invoice can then be used to generate a PO.


Standard oligos ordered from IDT by 2 PM each day will be received at the GRCF two mornings later.  For example, if you order on Monday, your oligos will be received on Wednesday.  Oligos ordered in plate format or with modifications normally take about five business days to arrive.  Standard oligos ordered from Sigma by noon each day will be shipped the same day they are ordered and will arrive the next morning at no extra charge.  For example, if you order on Monday, your oligos will arrive on Tuesday.

If no one is present in your lab when the oligos are delivered, they will be returned to our facility.  We will not leave oligos without a signature.

If you wish to pick up your oligos please put the word “pick up” in the building and room number space.  If you forget, please call 410-955-2836 the morning you are expecting your oligos and we will set them aside for pick up.  Please have your order number ready when calling.

Shipping charges

Shipping charges apply to next day oligos from IDT and oligos ordered in plate format.  These charges will be shown on your monthly statement, but do not appear on the delivery sheet which accompanies your orders.  Standard and modified oligos ordered in tubes do not incur shipping charges.  Please note that if you use the bright orange button in the “Expedite Products” category on the IDT landing page, you are ordering expensive, same-day, oligos which are charged shipping.  You should select the “Custom Synthesis” category in order to place a standard order.