Oligonucleotides – Custom RNA and DNA Synthesis

GE Dharmacon RNA synthesis chemistry provides researchers with high-quality custom single-stranded RNA, siRNA, synthetic sgRNA, and microRNA with an extensive range of modifications, synthesis scales, and purification choices. Also available are DNA only oligos, as well as RNA:DNA hybrids.

  • Benefits of 2′-ACE synthesis chemistry
  • Extensive chemical modification options for RNA synthesis
  • Long, high yield single-stranded RNA
  • High performance siRNA with proprietary modifications
  • “Have it your way” with post synthesis options
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Design tools are also available!  Please login to the ordering site prior to starting a design, so that your custom order will be properly linked to the portal. 

siDESIGN Center

  • The siDESIGN Center is a free online design tool that offers the power of the Dharmacon SMARTselection algorithm for the custom design of highly functional siRNAs.

CRISPR RNA Configurator

  • The tools in the CRISPR RNA Configurator allow you to quickly and easily generate guide RNA sequences for ordering, either as synthetic crRNA or lentiviral sgRNA.

Edit-R HDR Donor Designer

  • Quickly and easily design and order a donor template for precise CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing. Custom-synthesized ssDNA donor oligonucleotide (oligo) templates for precise insertion, removal, or replacement of genomic DNA can be rapidly designed and ordered with this powerful online tool.