1. How long does it take to activate my account?  IDT has instantaneous account creation.
  2. I already have an account set up with this company on their standard web-site.  May I use that account?  No.  You must create an account specific to the GRCF portal in order to take advantage of our pricing.
  3. Do I need a PO to place an order?  No.  You may not use a PO or a credit card to place orders through the GRCF portals.  You must provide a Johns Hopkins budget number.  The exception to this is our customers from KKI and the NIH labs at Bayview.  They may use a PO. If you are a visiting professor and would like to make arrangements to pay by credit card, please contact us before ordering.
  4. When will I receive my order? That depends on the size of your gene and the company you use.  Please inquire about delivery times directly with the company.  We will deliver to your lab the same day we receive the order.
  5. Will you leave the order in my lab if no one is there?  No.  Someone must be present in your lab for your order to be delivered.
  6. May I pick up my order, even if I indicated I wanted delivery when I placed the order? Yes.  Please call us between 9 AM and noon on the day you expect your order and let us know.  Please be prepared to tell us the order number and then name of the person placing the order.
  7. I order for more than one lab.  How do I change where an order is being delivered?  You should create a separate ordering account for each lab to make sure that your orders are delivered to the correct location.
  8. Why do I see shipping charges when placing an order from IDT?  This usually means that you have logged into the portal using a username and password that were set up for the SAP punchout or the normal IDT web-site.  You will only receive free shipping if you use a username and password set up specifically on our portal.  Note: shipping charges do apply when ordering next day oligos or oligos in plate format.