University Policy on Lentivirus

Ordering lentivirus vectors from this site requires that investigators have a current recombinant DNA and infectious agent registration for this material from the Johns Hopkins Biosafety Office.

Ordering Basic Knockouts from MilliporeSigma:

  1. Identify your region of interest, either using an NM# or Gene ID.
  2. Use the MilliporeSigma online CRISPR design tool to identify pre-designed CRISPRs.
    1. Designs are listed by the exon they target.
    2. There are two tabs in the returned results…one for CRISPRs and one for CRISPR Paired Nickases.
  3. Make your selection from the returned designs.
  4. Open the predesigned assay order form.
  5. Fill in “Customer info”.
  6. Choose tab that contains the CRISPR format that you would like.
    1. Fill in the requested information
  7. Use the “Controls” tab to indicate any controls that you would like to order.
  8. Send the completed order form to
    1. In the subject line, include your first initial, last name and the word “CRISPR”.

It is recommended that you purchase at least two gRNAs per target to help make up for the wide variation in activity among different gRNA designs.

Download these instructions

Ordering Custom Knockout Projects from MilliporeSigma:

  1. If you would like to carry out a more specialized project (i.e. inserting point mutant, inserting a tag, swapping out a promoter, inserting loxP sites, etc), you will need to use the custom assay order form.
  2. Send the completed form to
    1. In the subject line, include your first initial, last name and the words “Custom CRISPR Order”
  3. Your form will be submitted to MilliporeSigma’s design group, and M. Zulfiquer Hossain, our sales representative, will return the designs to you along with the pricing.
  4. You will work with Zulfi to finalize your design choices.
  5. Zulfi and the GRCF staff will place your order.
Download these instructions