1. Are there any University regulations for ordering these items?

  • Ordering lentivirus vectors from this site requires that investigators have a current recombinant DNA and infectious agent registration for this material from the Johns Hopkins Biosafety Office.  The other components do not have any special requirements.

2. How many guideRNAs (gRNA) should I order for each target?

  • Since CRISPRs have been shown to have a wide variation in their activity, even when designed in close proximity to each other, it is recommended you order at least 2 gRNAs per target.

3. I need to be able to identify the modified cells so that I can enrich for them.  What tools are available?

  • MilliporeSigma has provided a document with details on how to do this with their GFP vectors.

4. I am having difficulty constructing my CRISPR system.  Do you have any advice?

  • MilliporeSigma has provided a document with some common tips and tricks.