The GRCF uses two different servers for online ordering services and several ordering portals for our products.  The links below will take you to the appropriate server.  Services using iLab are indicated by an asterisk (*).  Services using Genesifter are indicated by two asterrisks (**).  Items such as oligos, si/shRNA and other custom products which are ordered from company portals are now billed through iLab, even though ordering does not happen in iLab.  If you are not set up in iLab, please see the Core-in-a-box site for detailed instructions.  Genesifter accounts may be created on the login page.

The following items can be ordered using online ordering servers:

Biorepository Services* Bioshipping Services* Blood Processing*
Cell Culture* Cell Line Authentication** Core Store
Digital PCR (only after consultation)** DNA Isolation** Dry Ice*
Fibroblast Establishment* Gene Synthesis MicroRNA**
Mycoplasma Testing Oligonucleotides Qiagen Assays
RealTime PCR Equipment Scheduling* Sequencing (all types)** Single Cell Genomics (requires consultation)*
si/shRNA Taqman & PrimeTime Assays


The following items can be ordered by downloading and completing the request form:

CRISPR Predesigned &
Custom with Instructions


The following items require consultation before ordering:

Bisulfite Conversion* DNA Storage Genotyping (all types)*
PCR Support** WGA Digital PCR**
RNA Isolation* Single Cell Genomics*