Theme of Office Hours: GE Consumable Products: Chromatography Columns & MediaAmersham Western Blottingillustra Nucleic Acid Sample Prep and PCRWhatman filtration & Ficoll/Percoll.

The GRCF will host office hours with the GE Life Sciences team lead by Account Manager Rob Douglas the second Thursday of each month from 1:00-3:00 PM in Blalock Room 1024A. This week we are featuring your Consumables Specialist, Kenyatta Lucas! – Please visit to discuss bulk orders, promotions and savings opportunities. GE also supports any of the following research applications; Cell Therapy, Protein Research, Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation, PCR, RNAi & Gene Expression, CRISPR Cas-9, Cell Culture, Laboratory Filtration, Chromatography and Cell Imaging & Microscopy. Stop by the conference room anytime but if you wish to make an appointment, please contact Rob at or 443-949-5894.