Predesigned DsiRNAs – DsiRNA RefSeq Library

Over 3,000,000 DsiRNAs have been designed against the approximately 25,000 genes from each of the human, mouse, rat, cow, dog, chicken, and chimp transcriptomes in the RefSeq Genbank collection: Site selection is first performed using a proprietary algorithm that uses novel Dicer-substrate specific design rules. Sequences that pass this stage are next screened to minimize the potential for cross-hybridization and off-target effects (Smith-Waterman analysis) and sites that include known SNPs or alternatively spliced exons are eliminated. Finally, the local mRNA secondary structure is modeled to avoid areas with a high level of predicted structure.

IDT offers two types of Predesigned DsiRNA duplexes:

  • Splice common: targets all known variants of a gene in RefSeq; duplexes lie only within common extons. This constitutes the bulk of the DsiRNA collection and is the correct choice for most users. 8–10 duplexes are available for each gene target.
  • Splice specific: targets only exons present in specific splice forms. In some cases, the unique exon may be very small or comprise sequence unfavorable for selection of RNAi duplexes (please note that knock-down guarantees do not apply for these sites). This collection is intended for those researchers who have a specialized need to selectively target specific splice variants or isoforms.

When working with a gene target that is included in the above collection, IDT recommends using the predesigned duplexes as these include significantly more bioinformatic analysis than is possible for sequences designed in real time using the web interface design tool.

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