Whole Genome Sequencing

The GRCF High Throughput Sequencing Center has teamed up with the Illumina Genome Network to offer complete human genome sequencing to the Johns Hopkins University.

We are happy to provide in-house whole genome sequencing, but our prices cannot match those of the Illumina Genome Network (it costs us more to buy the reagents than Illumina charges for a genome).

Illumina Genome Network

The Illumina Genome Network chooses its partners in order to ensure that sequencing projects are completed to the highest standard of quality with rapid turnaround.  The Ilumina Genome Network partners perform whole human genome sequencing at 30x average coverage, from short-insert paired-end reads using a single library.

Illumina Genome Network
Sample Requirements Input DNA amount: 3ug high molecular weight genomic DNA
  • Genomic coverage at a minimum of 30x
  • Called sequence variants: (SNPS, CNV’s, small indel, SV’s, mobile element insertions)
  • Annotation of SNPs and indels in VCF format (dbSNP, gene, exon, transcript)
  • Concordance with whole-genome genotyping arrays
  • Raw data (reads and quality scores) and analyzed data in industry-standard format (archival BAM)
Pricing Please Inquire
Website www.illumina.com/index.ilmn


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