High Throughput Sequencing

There are a wide variety of options available setting up high throughput sequencing projects.  Because of this, new customers should consult with us prior to placing their orders.  Appointments are required for this consultation, as David Mohr’s office is in the 1812 Ashland building.

Sanger Sequencing

New Sanger sequencing customers may place orders simply by creating an account, placing the order and dropping off their samples at any of our locations.  If you have a difficult template or need help with primer design or analysis, we are available for consultation, by appointment.


Customers with prior pyrosequencing experience, but who are new to our service may create an account on our server and place their orders.  It is strongly recommended that if you are new to pyrosequencing, you consult with us prior to ordering your primers and starting your project.  Pyrosequencing is very different from Sanger sequencing, and it is usually helpful to understand the nuances of the technology prior to designing your experiment.


Orders for all types of sequencing are placed on our Genesifter server.  If you are a new customer, you can create an account on the site.  Please be sure to put your PI’s name in the institution line.  This will help us complete the set-up of your account more quickly.  You will receive an email when your account set-up is complete.

Sample Drop-off

Samples may be dropped off in Blalock 1004 any time between 6 AM and 4:30 PM, daily.  Sanger sequencing samples must be in Blalock by 4:00 PM to be run that day.  Samples may also be dropped off in our remote locations any time.  To be run the same day, samples should be dropped off at Bayview by 11 AM, in CRB 1 by 3 PM and at either of our Homewood drop boxes by noon.