The GRCF offers library prep, sequencing, and analysis of RNAseq data.  Due to the nature of these experiments, it is beneficial to discuss sequencing strategy prior to sample submission.  We offer free consultation. Please contact David Mohr to discuss your project in detail.

We offer simple, per lane pricing, which allows the investigator control over how many reads required per sample.  Please see ENCODE’s best practices for current guidelines on RNASeq experimental design.

Sample Requirements

Please provide us with high quality total RNA (RIN >8.5).  We request >500ng for standard prep, but can work with less if required.  We strongly encourage you to QC your RNA prior to submission, as high quality starting material is the key to success.  If you cannot QC your sample prior to submission, we can do so for you at a cost of $14/sample.

Sequencing Cost

Sequencing costs vary based on read length and depth per sample required.  You can multiplex samples in a single lane to save costs on sequencing.  Please see our High Throughput Sequencing page for information on per lane pricing and data yield.


We collaborate with the JHU Computational Biology Consulting Core for RNASeq analysis. Please visit their website for more information:  JHU CCBC