Custom Gene Expression Arrays may be ordered and run through our facility using Applied Biosystems by ThermoFisher’s OpenArray chips.  These chips are ideal for investigators who wish to look at multiple assays on medium to large numbers of samples.

The technology spots Taqman assays onto chips, which are then run in our QuantStudio 12K flex machine.  Each chip can assay between 12 and 48 samples at once, depending on the number of assays on the chip.  Chips can be formatted with 18, 56, 112, 168 or 224 assays.  There is a minimum order of 10 chips, but smaller projects are often cost effective, even when excess chips must be ordered.


Pricing varies by number of gene expression assays and sample numbers.  Chips which use custom design assays are more expensive then chips that use only inventoried assays.  Examples using minimum numbers, assuming inventoried assays, are given below, but please contact us for detailed information [410-614-0702].  Please note that if you would run your samples in triplicate in a standard gene expression assay, you should do so with these assays as well.  Sample numbers given below do not take that into consideration.

Chip Format# Samples/ChipTotal SamplesPriceTotal cost**
18 Assays*48480*Chips: $7,657
Other costs: $1260
56 Assays48480Chips: $7,845.50
Other Costs: $1260
112 Assays24240Chips: $10,136.50
Other costs: $1260
168 Assays16160Chips: $10,877.50
Other costs $1260
224 Assay12120Chips: $11,970
Other costs: $1260

*18 assay formatted chips are plated in triplicate, so each sample is used once, but run 3 times.
**Pricing is for chips of entirely inventoried assays. Chips made with some or all custom assays will be about $4,000 more expensive.

Instructions for Customers:

Customers should prepare cDNA from total RNA, following recommended procedures, and fill out our online request form. Prepared cDNA should be brought to Blalock 1004 or dropped off in one of our remote locations in the appropriate number of 96 well plates.  Mark each plate with the order number from the online request.  Data will be returned to you via our ordering server.