Analysis via Pyrosequencing

Specific regions of methylation can be assayed via sequencing on the Pyromark Q24 system from Qiagen, using their advanced methylation reagents. This is not high throughput/next generation sequencing.  Bisulfite converted DNA is PCR amplified with a biotinylated primer pair.  The non-biotinylated strand is sequenced in the Pyromark system.  Custom regions can be amplified, or one of the 30,000 human and rodent predesigned kits can be ordered from Qiagen.  Primers ordered through us receive a slight discount and free shipping.  Both primer design and analysis software are available for use by customers. Call 5-2836 or email us to arrange to borrow the disk.

For more information, contact Roxann Ashworth [410-614-0702]

PCR Support is available for these assays.  Service includes PCR of samples, amplification confirmation by agarose gel electrophoresis and submission for sequencing. Please contact Laura Kasch [410-614-3830] for more information.

Individual Tubes
Full plates of 94
Projects of more than 500 samples
run at one time with the same assay

PCR Support: $10/sample.  (Discounts available for large projects.  Please inquire.)