EPIC (850K) Infinium Methylation BeadChip

This chip provides a pan-enhancer and coding region view of the methylome for epigenome-wide association studies.  It covers the following content areas:

  • CpG sites outside of CpG islands
  • Non-CpG methylated sites identified in human stem cells
  • Differentially methylated sites identified in tumor vs. normal.
  • FANTOM5 enhancers
  • ENCODE open chromatin and enhancers
  • DNase hypersensitive sites
  • miRNA promoter regions
  • >90% of the 450K BeadChip content is retained.

A list of all CpG sites is available for download.

For more information on this service, please contact Roxann Ashworth.

Number of SamplesArray pricingArray pricing with FFPE restore
93 or less (internal customers only)$370/sample$470/sample
94 - 5000$340/sample$440/sample

Full service pricing includes:

  • 100% and 0% methylation controls (1 of each per plate)
  • Bisulfite Conversion
  • Full data release, which includes raw intensity data, GenomeStudio Project, Methylation Profile, Samples Table, Analysis using minfi including code used, minfi output including PLINK and README docs explaining the data in each directory