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Fingerprinting by STR Analysis/Cell Line Authentication

The GRCF offers a short tandem repeat (STR) profiling service to customers who wish to confirm the identity of a line by comparison to a known profile or to establish an identity profile for a new cell line generated locally. For further information, including pricing, see our Cell Line Authentication section.

Fingerprinting by Taqman OpenArray Barcode Chip

This OpenArray panel consists of 64 markers, including 3 Y-chromosome markers that allow for unique identification of individuals, though it may not be sensitive enough to distinguish siblings from each other.  Markers were selected to have high Minor Allele Frequency (MAF) in multiple ethnic groups, so this chip cannot be used for distinguishing between populations.  It is useful as an internal control for GWAS studies and next-gen sequencing projects.  Each chip runs 48 samples.

  • 1 chip: $1,300
  • 2 chips: $2,000
  • 3 chips: $2,700
  • 4 chips: $3,300

Discounts available for larger projects.  Please inquire.

Fingerprinting or Human Linkage by Illumina QC Array

The Illumina QC array contains 15,949 markers which are useful for biobanking, fingerprinting, ethnic ancestry determination and QC.  The array contains all of the SNPs which were on the former human linkage array, so it can also be used for linkage studies.  It also includes ADME content.

Number of SamplesStandard Content
No minimum or maximum $60/sample

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Human Exome Chip  

This Illumina Infinium chemistry array was developed by a consortium with the goal of enabling an intermediate experiment between current genotyping arrays, which focus on relatively common variants, and exome sequencing of very large numbers of samples, which will enable examination of coding variants, down to singletons. The array aims to include coding variants seen several times in existing sequence datasets. Information from ~12,000 sequenced genomes and exomes was assembled and catalogued for each variant that potentially affects protein structure, the total number of times it was seen and the total number of datasets that included the variant. The chip assays around 250,000 SNPs. Very detailed information on SNP selection for this chip can be found on the Consortium Wiki site.  The list of SNPs by rs# or by Illumina id with gene annotation is available.


Number of SamplesStandard content
93 - 558$130/sample
>558Please inquire
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Specialized Consortium Arrays

We are happy to work with you to genotype the consortium or commercial version of any of Illumina’s specialized arrays.  These offerings are constantly changing and pricing and rules for access vary by array.  Please contact us if you are interested in running any of the current offerings, which include (but are not limited to): the Onco-Array, the Psych Array, Immunochip2 and the NeuroX Array.


Please contact us for pricing.  Please include the name of the array of interest and approximate sample numbers in your email, as pricing is dependent on the number of samples.  Minimum sample number is at least 92, but some arrays may have higher minimums.
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Taqman OpenArray PGx Panel

This panel is derived from the PharmaADME Core Marker Set and assays 158 different polymorphisms in genes encoding drug metabolism enzymes and their associated transport proteins.  Each chip tests 16 samples.  Price includes data cleaning and returned SNP calls.

  • 1 chip: $1,200
  • 2 chips: $1,950
  • 3 chips: $2,700
  • 4 chips: $3,450

Discounts available for projects of 11 or more chips.  Please inquire.

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