Genomic DNA Isolation

The GRCF offers genomic DNA isolation from whole blood, PBMCs, packed cells, cultured cells, blood spot cards, FFPE samples, buccal swabs/brushes, mouthwash, Oragene saliva collection kits, and tissue.

DNA is suitable for archiving, PCR, Southern blotting, library construction and other applications requiring high molecular weight DNA.

DNA is returned with A260 and A260/A280 values determined by Nanodrop analysis. Sample concentration can be adjusted per customer specifications. DNA aliquoting is also available.

Qualitative analysis is available using a Advanced Analytical Fragment Analyzer CE.

Storage of blood on Whatman FTA Classic Cards for future DNA analysis is available.


Prices range from $25 to $47 per sample. Volume pricing is available for large study projects.

Please contact Laura Kasch at 410-614-3830 or for pricing.


Please place your order through our secure online ordering system. See order form section FAF Order Forms: FAF DNA Isolation.

Delivery of samples

JH Customers: Drop samples off in Blalock 1004 with GeneSifter tracking number, Monday – Friday from 9 AM – 4:00 PM.

External Customers: Send the samples with the GeneSifter tracking number to:

Laura Kasch
Fragment Analysis Facility
Johns Hopkins University
2760 Lighthouse Point East, Suite 201
Baltimore, MD 21224
Phone (443) 287-7948

Samples should be sent for delivery Monday through Friday only.