Below you will find a comprehensive list of items available at the 24/7 Vending Center located on the East Baltimore Campus in the Blalock Building – Room 1026. Please remember to bring to each purchase:

  • Your User ID and password
  • Budget # to which the purchase will be charged.
  • Please bring a cooler with ice with you at the time of purchase.  Ice is not provided for refrigerated or frozen items.
SupplierTempCatalog #LocationDescription  
Life Technologies-2010787018A341 kb Plus DNA Ladder - 250µg
Thermo Scientific Fermentas-20R0611A276X Loading Dye Solution - 5 x 1ml
Quality BiologicalR/T119-069-131D4010X PBS pH 7.4 with CaMg - 1 L
Bio-RadR/T170-6435E4210X Tris Buffered Saline - 1L
Bio-Rad+4161-0158B4530% Acryl/Bis Solution 37.5:1 - 500ml
Life TechnologiesR/T4346907C2096-well Fast Thermal Cycling Plates - 10pk
Sigma-Aldrich-20A6964-100MLA95Accutase - 100ml
Quality BiologicalR/T118-156-721D60ACK Lysing Buffer - 4 X 100 ml
New England Biolabs-20R3552SA25AgeI-HF - 300u
Sigma-Aldrich+4A9518B10Ampicillin, Sodium Salt - 5g
GE-Healthcare+4NA934-1 mlB6Anti-rabbit Ig, HRP-linked Ab (donkey) - 1ml
Life Technologies-2017504044A52B-27 Serum Free Supplement
Life Technologies-2012587010A43B-27 Supplement w/o Vitamin A(50X) - 10 ml
Life Technologies-2013256029A45bFGF, Human, Recombinant - 10µg
Bio-RadR/T170-6404E32Blotting Grade Blocker-NFDM
Sigma-Aldrich+4C1389B11Carbenicillin - 1g
Roche Applied Science+411836170001B14Completeª, Mini, EDTA-free - 25 tablets
Life TechnologiesR/TC10228F11Countess Chamber Slides - 50 slides
Bio-Rad+4567-1034B51Criterion TGX 10% 18-Well - 1 gel
Bio-Rad+4567-1084B62Criterion TGX Gels, 4-15%, 18 well - 1 gel
Bio-Rad+4567-1024B50Criterion TGX,7.5%,18W,1 567-1024
Quality BiologicalR/T351-068-131D43DEPC Treated Water - 1000ml
Sigma-AldrichR/TD2650E51Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) - 5 x 5ml
Life TechnologiesR/T10977015E11Distilled Water (Ultrapure)-500ml
Life TechnologiesR/T15230162E3Distilled Water - 500ml
Life Technologies+411885084B200DMEM (1X), low glucose - 500ml
Life Technologies+411995065B3DMEM High Glucose w/Sodium Pyruvate - 500 ml
Sigma-Aldrich+4D5796-500MLB42DMEM, high, w/L-Glutamine - 500ml
Life Technologies+411330032B2DMEM/F-12, liquid (1:1) - 500ml
Life Technologies+411965092B300DMEM/F-12, liquid (1:1) - 500ml
New England Biolabs-20M0303SA10Dnase I (Rnase-Free) - 1,000u
Life Technologies-2018068015A54DNase I, Amplification Grade - 100u
QIAGENR/T69504D21DNeasy Blood & Tissue Kit - 50
Life Technologies-2018427013A61dNTP Mix 10 mM - 100µl
Thermo Scientific Fermentas-20R0192A85dNTP Mix(10mM Solution) - 1ml
Life Technologies-2010297018A32dNTP Set 100mM - 4 x 25µmol
Sigma-Aldrich-20D9663-10MLA70Donkey serum - 10ml
Life TechnologiesR/T14190144E2DPBS (1X) - 500ml
New England Biolabs-20R0176SA15Dpn I - 1,000u
Thermo Scientific Fermentas-20K1081A26DreamTaqª Green PCR Master Mix (2X) - 200rxns
Promega-20E1910A87Dual-Luciferase¨ Reporter Assay System
GE-Healthcare4RPN2232C51ECL Prime Western Blotting rgt, for 1000 cm2
GE-Healthcare+4RPN2106B60ECLª Western Blotting Detection Rgts- 2 x 250ml
New England Biolabs-20R3101SA20EcoRI-HF - 10,000u
QIAGENR/T12362D20EndoFree¨ Plasmid Kit - 10 columns
Life Technologies-204385612A30Fast SYBR¨ Green Master Mix - 1 x 5ml
Sigma-Aldrich-20F4135A100Fetal Bovine Serum Heat Inactiv-500ml
Life Technologies-2026140079A93Fetal Bovine Serum U.S., Qualified - 500ml
Hyclone-20SH30071.03A91Fetal Bovine Serum, Characterized - 500ml
Hyclone-20SH30070.03A90Fetal Bovine Serum, Defined - 500ml
Corning Cellgro-2035-011-CVA500Fetal Bovine Serum, Heat Inactivated - 500ml
Life Technologies-2016140071A92Fetal Bovine Serum, Qual, Heat-Inactivated - 500ml
Sigma-Aldrich-20F2442A200Fetal Bovine Serum, U.S. Origin - 500ml
Corning Cellgro-2035-010-CVA400Fetal Bovine Serum, USDA - 500ml
Thermo Scientific FermentasR/TK0503F50GeneJET Plasmid Miniprep Kit - 250 preps
New England Biolabs-20E2611SA3Gibson Assembly Master Mix - 10rxns
Life TechnologiesR/T35050061F3GlutaMAX-I Supplement - 100 ml
Sigma-Aldrich-20G9023A71Goat Serum - 10ml
Promega-20M7122A65GoTaq¨ Green Master Mix - 100rxns
Life TechnologiesR/T14175095E1HBSS (1X) w/o - 500ml
Life TechnologiesR/T14170112E12HBSS (1X) w/o - 500ml
Sigma-AldrichR/TH9394E62HBSS - 500ml
Life Technologies+415630080B301HEPES Buffer Soln (1M) - 100ml
Life Technologies-204387406A31High Capacity RNA-to-cDNA Kit - 50rxns
New England Biolabs-20R3104SA21HINDIII-HF - 10,000u
GE-HealthcareR/T28-9068-39C50Hyperfilmª ECLª 8x10in. - 100 sheets
Life Technologies+412440053B4IMDM (1X) - 500 ml
Bio-RadR/T162-0177E60ImmunBlot PVDF, 26cm x 3.3m - 1roll
Life Technologies-2012585014A42Insulin, Human Recombinant, Zinc Solution - 5 ml
Corning Cellgro-2046-102-RFA1IPTG - 1g
Life Technologies-2015529019A50IPTG - 1g
Bio-Rad-20170-8880A83IQ SYBR Green Reagent 100 x 50 µl
Bio-Rad-20170-8891A84iScript cDNA Synthesis
Life Technologies-2025030081A301L-Glutamine-200mM (100X) - 100ml
Bio-RadR/T161-0737F13Laemmli Sample Buffer - 30ml
Sigma-Aldrich-20L2020A72Laminin - 1mg
Quality BiologicalR/T340-004-101D30LB Broth - 500 ml
Life Technologies+411668019B25LipofectAMINEª 2000 - 1.5ml
Life Technologies+411668027B30LipofectAMINEª 2000 - .75ml
Corning CellgroR/T25-072-CIF5Lymphocyte separation medium - 1 x 100ml
Life Technologies+411140050B24MEM NEAA (100x) 10mM - 100ml
Life Technologies+411095080B1MEM w/ L-glut (1X) - 500ml
Life TechnologiesR/TN801-0560C10MicroAmp Optical 96-Well Reaction Plates - 10/box
Life TechnologiesR/T4346906C1MicroAmp¨ Fast Optical 96-Well Plate - 20 plates
Life TechnologiesR/T4311971F12MicroAmp¨ Optical Adhesive Film - 100 covers
Bio-Rad+4456-1083B53Mini Protean¨ TGXª 4-15%, 10-well 30ul-10gels
Bio-Rad+4456-1084B401Mini Protean¨ TGXª 4-15%, 10-well 50ul-10gels
Bio-Rad+4456-1086B500Mini Protean¨ TGXª 4-15%, 15-well 15µl - 10gels
Bio-Rad+4456-1034B36Mini Protean¨ TGXª 10% 10well 50µl- 10gels
Bio-RadR/T170-3932F14Mini Trans-Blot Filter Paper
Life Technologies-2017502048A51N-2 Supplement - 5ml
Life Technologies+421103049B40Neurobasal-SFM- 500 ml
New England Biolabs-20R3131SA22NheI-HF - 1,000u
Quality BiologicalR/T114-055-101D31Normal Saline - 500ml
New England Biolabs-20R3189SA24Not I HF - 500u
New England Biolabs-20R3189LA23NotI-HF - 2,500u
Life Technologies+4NP0005B34NuPAGE Antioxidant - 15 ml
Life Technologies+4NP0007B35NuPAge LDS Sample Buffer (4X) - 10ml
Life TechnologiesR/TNP0323BOXC21NuPAGE¨ 4-12% Bis-Tris Gel 1.0 mm, 15 well-10gels
Life TechnologiesR/TNP0335BOXC30NuPAGE¨ 4-12% Bis-Tris Gel - 1.5mm 10 well -10 gels
Life TechnologiesR/TNP0002E63NuPAGE¨ MES SDS Running Buffer(B-T Gels 20X) 500ml
Life TechnologiesR/TNP0001E61NuPAGE¨ MOPS SDS Running Buffer(B-T Gels)(20X)
Life TechnologiesR/TNP0321BOXC2NuPAGE¨ Novex Bis-Tris Gels 4-12% 10 well -10 gels
Life TechnologiesR/TNP0322BOXC11NuPAGE¨ Novex Bis-Tris Gels 4-12% 12 well -10 gels
Life Technologies+4NP0004B33NuPAGE¨ Sample Reducing Agent (10X) - 250µl
Life TechnologiesR/TNP00061E43NuPAGE¨ Transfer Buffer (20X) - 1L
Life Technologies-2018418012A60Oligo(dT)12-18 Primer - 25µg
Life Technologies+431985070B400Opti-MEM I Reduced-Serum Med (1X) - 500ml
Quality BiologicalR/T114-058-101D32PBS (1X) pH 7.4 w/o CaMg - 500ml
Corning CellgroR/T21-040-CVE30PBS (1X) w/o CaMg - 6 X 500ml
Life TechnologiesR/T10010023E10PBS (1X)w/o CaMg, liquid - 500ml
Sigma-Aldrich-20P0781-100MLA73Penicillin Streptomycin - 100ml
Life Technologies-2015140122A101Penicillin-Streptomycin - 100ml
Agilent Technologies-20600670A2PfuUltraª II Fusion HS DNA Polymerase - 40rxns
Sigma-Aldrich+4P5726-1MLB12Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail II - 1ml
New England Biolabs-20M0530SA11Phusion High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase - 100u
New England Biolabs-20M0530LA86Phusion High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase - 500u
Life Technologies-2010966034A35PLATINUM¨ Taq DNA Polymerase - 500u
Life Technologies-2011304011A40PLATINUM¨ Taq DNA Polymerase High Fidelity - 100u
Sigma-Aldrich-20P6407-5MGA74Poly-D-Lysine - 5mg
Life Technologies+44367659B21Power SYBR¨ Green PCR Master Mix (1 x 5ml)-200rxns
Bio-Rad-20161-0374A82Precision Plus Stds, Dual Color
Bio-Rad-20161-0373A81Precision Plus Stds, Pre-stained
Bio-RadR/T161-0734E41Premixed Buffers, 10x Tris/Glycine - 1L
Bio-RadR/T161-0732E40Premixed Running Buffer - 1L
Bio-Rad-20161-0375A80Precision Plus Protein Kaleidoscope Standard-500ul
Life Technologies+425530015B31Proteinase K - 100mg
New England Biolabs-20P8107SA12Proteinase K, Molecular Biology Grade - 2ml
Life TechnologiesR/TK210014F40PureLink HiPure Plasmid Filter Midiprep Kit - 25 preps
Life TechnologiesR/TK210016E20PureLink¨ HiPure Filter Maxi - 10preps
QIAGENR/T51104C12QIAamp DNA Blood Mini Kit (50)
QIAGENR/T12163C40QIAGEN¨ Plasmid Maxi Kit - 25 Preps
QIAGENR/T12143C60QIAGEN¨ Plasmid Midi Kit - 25 Preps
QIAGENR/T27104C22QIAprep¨-Spin Plasmid Kit - 50 Preps
QIAGENR/T27106D2QIAprep¨-Spin Plasmid Kit - 250 Preps
QIAGENR/T28104C2QIAquick PCR Purification Kit (50)
QIAGENR/T28704D11QIAquick¨ Gel Extraction Kit - 50 Preps
QIAGENR/T28706C61QIAquick¨ Gel Extraction Kit - 250 Preps
QIAGENR/T28106C41QIAquick¨-Spin PCR Purification Kit - 250 Preps
QIAGENR/T79654C31QIAshredder¨ - 50 Preps
GE-Healthcare-20RPN800EA17Rainbow Molecular Weight Marker
Life Technologies-20N8080127A64Random Hexamers (50µm) - 1 kit
Life Technologies-2012648010A44Recovery Cell Culture Medium - 50ml
Sigma-Aldrich-20R4775-1.2MLA75Redextract-N-amp kit - 1.2ml
Sigma-Aldrich+4R0278-50MLB13Ripa Buffer - 50ml
Life Technologies-20N8080119A63RNase Inhibitor - 2,000u
QIAGEN+479254B5RNase-Free DNase Set
Life Technologies-2010777019A33RNaseOutª - 5000u
Sigma-AldrichR/TR2020F10RNaseZap - 250ml
QIAGENR/T74134D10RNeasy Plus Mini Kit (50)
QIAGENR/T74104D1RNeasy¨ Mini Kit - 50 Preps
Life Technologies+411875093B100RPMI 1640 - 500ml
Sigma-Aldrich+4R8758-500MLB43RPMI 1640 - 500ml
Life Technologies+461870036B41RPMI 1640 w/Glutramax - 500ml
Bio-RadR/T223-9955E50Semi-Micro Disposable Cuvettes, 1.5ml - 100pk
Life TechnologiesR/T25080094F2Sodium Bicarbonate Soln, 7.5% (w/v) - 100ml
Sigma-Aldrich+4S8636-100MLB52Sodium Pyruvate - 100ml
Life Technologies-20A1110501A57StemPro Accutase Cell Dissociation Reagent - 100ml
Life Technologies-2018064014A53SuperScriptª II RNase H- Reverse Trans - 10,000u
Life Technologies-2018080044A55SuperScriptª III - 10,000u
Life Technologies-2018080051A56SuperScriptª III First Strand Syntesis Kit
Life Technologies-204309155A41SYBR Green PCR Master Mix
Life TechnologiesR/TS33102F6SYBR Safe DNA Gel Stain - 400µl
New England Biolabs-20M0202SA5T4 DNA Ligase - 20,000u
New England Biolabs-20M0201SA4T4 Polynucleotide Kinase - 500u
Life TechnologiesR/T15558026E21TAE Buffer (10X) - 4L
New England Biolabs-20M0267LA6Taq DNA Polymerase - 2000u
Life Technologies+44369016B22TaqMan¨ Gene Expression Master Mix(1x5ml)-200rxns
Quality BiologicalR/T351-001-131D41TBE Buffer (10X) - 1000ml
Quality BiologicalR/T351-086-101D33TBS pH 7.4 (10X) - 500ml
Life Technologies+415596018B63TRIZOL¨ Reagent - 200ml
Life TechnologiesR/T12604013F4TrypLE Express - 100 ml
Life Technologies-2015400054A16Trypsin-EDTA 0.5% (10X) w/o phenol red - 100ml
Sigma-Aldrich-20T4049-100MLA94Trypsin-EDTA 0.25 % - 100ml
Life Technologies-2025200056A401Trypsin-EDTA 0.25% (1X) - 100ml
Life Technologies-2025300054A501Trypsin-EDTA .05% (1X) - 100ml
Sigma-AldrichR/TP7949F1Tween 20 - 100ml
Life TechnologiesR/T16500500E31UltraPureª Agarose - 500g
Quality BiologicalR/T351-029-721D61Water, Molecualr Biology Grade - 4 x 100ml
Quality BiologicalR/T351-029-131D42Water, Molecular biology grade- 1L
New England Biolabs-20R0145SA13Xba I - 3,000u
New England Biolabs-20R0146SA14Xho I - 5,000u