The GRCF Biorepository & Cell Center is able to help you with your cell culture needs. We are a mycoplasma-free facility offering primary fibroblast establishment, cell culture expansion and cell line distribution.

Cell Expansion / Preparation of Cell Line Stocks:

Cultured cells from your lab can be tested for mycoplasma, expanded, aliquoted, and cryopreserved in freezing media (5 x 106/vial).

Preparation of cells for DNA or RNA extraction:

Eukaryotic cells from the your lab or from ATCC can be expanded for nucleic acid isolation (1 x 10 8 cells). DNA or RNA extraction is available through the Fragment Analysis Facility.

Establishment of fibroblast cultures from Tissue Biopsies:

Service includes fibroblast establishment in culture, cryopreservation of four (4) aliquots (5 x 106 cells per vial) and electronic sample tracking. Submit 5 X 2mm biopsy and allow 8-10 weeks for completion.

Establishment of cell lines from frozen lymphocytes:

Service includes B-cell transformation from previously cryopreserved blood lymphocytes, culture expansion, and cryopreservation. Specifically includes: Thaw of cryopreserved lymphocytes, cell count, viability determination, 1-4 aliquots of freshly cryopreserved lymphocytes @ 5 x 106 cells, and 4 aliquots of (transformed) lymphoblasts @ 5 x 106 cells and electronic sample tracking. Allow 8-10 weeks for completion.

Cell Culture Maintenance for Specific Projects:

Service includes expanding cells from your lab or ATCC according to your long-term project need and providing you with live cell flasks for your experiment. throughout your project. Cells will also be tested for mycoplasma and cryopreserved @ 5 X 106 cells /vial as your back up.

Cell Line Distribution:

Service includes cryopreserved cell line stock and maintenance (5 x 106 cells per vial), arrangements and shipment (domestic or international) to collaborators of your choosing.   Cell Line Distribution


We are committed to assisting you with any cell culture questions such as contamination, slow-growing cell lines, techniques, lab design and lab maintenance. Please feel free to contact the Melissa Olson, Ph.D. or Kakali Sarkar, Ph.D. ( to schedule a time to discuss your concerns.