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Abstract: The NEBNext® portfolio includes solutions for a wide range of DNA and RNA sample types. As of today, NEB offers more than 90 different NEBNext® products suitable for sample preparation for Illumina ®, Oxford Nanopore Technologies ® and Ion Torrent™ sequencing platforms, as well as products applicable to multiple sequencing platforms. Use of NEBNext® products has been cited in over 23,000 publications.

FFPE DNA poses many notable challenges for preparing NGS libraries, including low input amounts and highly variable damage from fixation, storage, and extraction methods. In this presentation, I will be sharing details about soon to be launched NEBNext® FFPE DNA library prep kit that allows even highly damaged FFPE DNA samples to achieve high-quality libraries with sufficient input for hybrid capture. The new kit includes the latest FFPE DNA repair reagents and uses new enzymatic fragmentation and a flexible PCR master mix. This FFPE DNA library prep workflow is compatible for automation and increases library yields and quality, while improving scalability and ease of use.