Title: Immune repertoire sequencing enables accurate clonality determination

Abstract: The study of complex immunological diseases and tumor microenvironments has advanced through recent developments in sequencing of the immune repertoire. Using this approach, the interrogation of disease progression is facilitated through analysis of millions of V(D)J combinations from B cell antibodies (BCRs) and T cell receptors (TCRs). One major challenge of immune repertoire sequencing is to accurately capture the structural and sequence complexities of antibodies and TCR genes during both library preparation and bioinformatic analysis. NEB recently launched an NGS based Immuneseq kit that allows accurate clonal determination of BCR and TCR sequeces from both Human as well as Mouse RNA samples. This technique is applicable for a variety of applications including design of antibody chains for in vitro synthesis, investigation of T cell infiltration of tumor microenvironments, and monitoring of minimal residual disease in cancer patients. In this talk, NEB will be sharing more details about the kit as well as associated bioinformatic pipelines to analyze the data.

Speaker:  Siva Chavadi, PhD, Senior Field Application Scientist, NGS

Siva Chavadi, PhD is the Senior Field Application Scientist for NEBNext products. Siva has received his Ph.D. from the University of Hyderabad, India. For his graduation and postdoctoral work, he has utilized functional genomics as a tool to develop novel diagnostics, anti-bacterials and vaccines against tuberculosis. Before working at New England Biolabs, Siva held roles at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and GENEWIZ.