Make sure to check out our Back to Work Guide and familiarize yourself with all of the new protocols for dropping off/picking up samples, changes to turn around times and more.

Essential Guide: Genetic Resources Core Facility – Back to Work

GRCF General Guidelines

  • To place an order go to the GRCF Ordering Guide 
  • Effective Monday – July 6th.  Core Store deliveries will resume to all East Baltimore lab locations with a 72 hr lead time in place.
  • Please view below the operation guidelines for each of the services provided by the GRCF.
  • At all times when picking up or dropping off a sample you:
    • Must wear a mask
    • Maintain at least 6′ of distance from all others
    • Please be patient–we are “All in this together”.
  • Blalock 10th Floor Map, for your reference.

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Biorepository Requests  DNA Isolation Oligonucleotides & Custom Products
Cell Culture  Dry Ice PCR Support
Cell Line Authentication Fragment Analyzer DNA QC Pyrosequencing
Clinical sample processing  Fragment Analyzer RNA QC RNA extraction
Core Store High Throughput Sequencing Sanger Sequencing
Digital PCR Mycoplasma Testing Single Cell Genomics

Core Store

NEW General Guidelines

  • Deliveries to all East Baltimore lab locations will resume effective Monday – July 6, 2020. There will be a 72 hour lead time for deliveries.
  • Orders should be placed on the Core Store website at
  • Orders can also be placed via email using the email form at
  • Orders for Bayview and Homewood will still need to be picked up in Blalock 1026. There will be a 48 hour lead time for pick ups.
  • Orders for pick up of stocked, Core Store items require a 1 hour lead time.
  • Pick up requirements for Blalock 1026:
    • Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 9:00am – 12:00pm and 1:00pm – 5:00pm. Wednesday and Friday: 9:00 am – 12 pm
    • Please bring your web order number with you at the time of pickup.
    • Masks are required. Please be patient and maintain social distance.

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DNA Services

High Throughput Sequencing


Place an order

Key Contact:

David Mohr, GRCF Director High Throughput Sequencing,

Sample Drop Off

Sample drop off by appoinment at 1812 Ashland, suite 200.

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Sanger Sequencing, Pyrosequencing & Digital PCR

  • Drop-off locations 
    • Blalock 10th floor, Ross side: fridge in the lobby near the Ross connector bridge, after hours. 
    • Blalock 10th floor, Room 1004, during business hours. 
    • CRB1 B02A: Place in 24/7 by 11:00 AM to have data available the next day. 
    • Homewood: Croft hall customers: send with your designated departmental courier when they pick up the CoreStore curbside pickup. As of April 1, 2021, samples placed in the UTL refrigerator will be picked up Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • Turn-around times
    • Samples that arrive in Blalock by 4 PM will have data available by 1 PM the following day. 
    • Samples that are in the CRB 24/7 by 11 AM will have data available at 1 PM the day after they are dropped off. 
    • Same day sequencing is not possible.
    • Pyrosequencing & Digital PCR samples will be run within 3 days of sample receipt, depending on staffing levels. Advanced notice of these samples would be appreciated. Email us to let us know. 
  • Additional notes: 
    • Standard Sanger sequencing primers will be added by GRCF staff.  Please use the new order form to indicate which primers are needed. 
    • Orders must be placed in Genesifter (or iLab for digital orders) prior to drop off.   
    • Make sure your samples are in a bag or other container.
    • Tubes must be labeled with the tracking number and order position number. 
  • Questions? Email us or call 410-955-2836.

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Oligonucleotides & Other Custom Orders

  • New Distribution Procedures:
    • FedEx is not delivering our packages in time for the orders to be sent out the day they are received.  If you would like to pick up your order the day it arrives, you may pick it up in Blalock 1004 between 7AM and 4:30 PM.
    • If you select pick up when you place your order, your order will be placed in a locker (see below).
  • Pick-up locations:
    • Blalock 10th floor, Ross side: Lockers #3 & 5, near the stairwell.
    • Blalock 10th floor, Blalock elevator side, lockers #43-47, near Blalock 1036. 
    • Locker number & combination will be provided in the contact email.  Your name will be on the locker as confirmation.  Please sign the delivery sheet and leave it in the bin.  Pens will be wiped down after each customer.  Oligos not picked up after 48 hours will be placed in long term storage until we hear from you. 
    • Homewood: Mudd halls side of campus will have their oligos delivered to UTL 144 Wednesdays and Fridays.  Croft hall side of campus will have their oligos included with the CoreStore curbside delivery on Wednesdays and Fridays.
    • Oligos that are undeliverable for two days in a row will be returned to Blalock and will be available for pick up from the fridge/freezer in Blalock 1036 overnight. 
  • Questions? Email us or call 410-955-2836.

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Cell Line Authentication, Mycoplasma Testing, DNA Isolation, PCR Support & Fragment Analyzer DNA QC

  • Drop-off locations/hours 
    • Blalock 10th floor, Ross side: fridge in the lobby near the Ross connector bridge, any time of the day. 
  • Drop-off requirements:
    • Orders must be placed in Genesifter before being dropped off.   
    • Tubes must be labeled with the tracking number and order position number. 

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RNA extraction & Fragment Analyzer RNA QC 

  • Drop-off location/hours:
    • PCTB G20, 10am – 2pm, Monday through Friday. Ring doorbell outside G20 door. If no one answers then ring doorbell outside G14. No after-hours drop off. 
    • Orders will no longer be accepted in Blalock. 
  • Drop-off requirements: 
    • Orders must be placed in Genesifter prior to drop off.   
    • Tubes must be labeled with the tracking number and order position number. 
    • Orders must be dropped off on dry ice. 

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Cell Center & Biorepository

Clinical sample processing 

  • Samples processing request must be placed in iLab as before 
  • Please notify us in advance as soon as you schedule blood draw 
  • Email us at 
  • Communicate with us for any drop off related delay (half an hour from your original estimate /rescheduling on the day of processing 
  • Please use email to communicate rather than phone call as we will be working in shift to maintain social distancing and may not be available to pick up calls 

Drop-off location 

  • Blalock 10th floor #1001A
  • Please place your sample tubes in zip-locked double biohazard bags and put them in the Parcel box. Use combination locks to lock the box 
  • Please do not include sample submission paper form in your bag. Please put a note instead of in your iLab request for blood draw time
    • For required clinical paperwork, email, or fax (410 -614-9655) the documents to us if possible. If original copies must be submitted, please place in a separate biohazard bag (not with your samples) and include it in the Parcel box 
    • For any nonbiological material that must also be submitted (such as cryovials, shipping material, etc.) you may place any material that does not fit in the Parcel box on the surface next to the box. Make sure to inform us of this in your email   
    • Any material left outside the Parcel box MUST NOT include patient identifying information 
  • Please keep your samples at Room Temp
    • For clinical samples that must be submitted on ice, please coordinate this with our team in advance 
  • Email us using the above email addresses immediately after drop off and include the key codes that you used 

New Processing time 

  • To adjust researcher’s need during Phase I, we will extend our processing hours which will be applicable for clinical samples only 
  • For same day processing, Mon – Thursday samples must be dropped off in between 8.30am – 3.30 pm AND on Friday in between 8.30am -2pm. Otherwise, samples will be processed next day only 
  • To drop off Samples after 6 PM, please use the locker box outside #1001A. Lock it and drop the key inside the locker 
  • Please Email us after drop off  and  we will notify you  next morning once we collect the samples from the locker 

Pick Up location 

  • Blalock 10th floor #1001A
  • For retrieving any frozen processed samples, please follow the instructions listed under Biorepository section 

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Cell Culture 

  • Transformation/Expansion request for frozen lymphocytes/lymphoblasts must be placed in iLab as before    
  • Live cell flask pick up will be arranged via iLab and email communication 

Pick Up location/Time 

  • Blalock 10th floor #1001A
  • You must pick up the flask. Otherwise, flask will be discarded and you will be charged for the service.  If you can’t make it, you must email us at at least one hour before pick up time 
  • Pick up hours 9am -1pm and 2-5 pm.  
  • If you have any question, please email 

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Single Cell Genomics 

Single cell project requires an initial consultation. Please contact to get more information and scheduling your experiment 

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Biorepository Requests 

  • For the time being, the GRCF Biorepository will be using a new contactless pickup/drop-off system on the 10th floor of the Blalock building. 
  • All biorepository requests must be submitted in iLab and arranged with the biorepository team prior to pickup/drop-off. 
  • Once the request has been received and confirmed, customers will be given a timeframe for pickup/drop-off and a unique pin code to access a locked cooler chest containing dry ice. 
  • After placing a biorepository request, customers will receive information on where to go and how to access the cooler drop box. 
  • For questions or concerns about this new system, feel free to email our biorepository team at

Retrieval / Deposit Drop Box Location 

  • Blalock Building, Room 1001A
  • A unique access pin code will be provided to the customer once the storage request is received and confirmed by biorepository personnel. 
  • The customer can only access the cooler during the timeframe allotted to them. 

Turn-around Time 

  • With the new arranged pickup system in place, turnaround time for retrievals will change.
    • For quantities of 25 or fewer vials, retrieval turnaround is 1 business day. 
    •  For quantities of 25 – 50 vials, retrieval turnaround is 2 business days.  
    • For quantities of 50 – 100 vials, retrieval turnaround is 3 business days. 
    • For sample retrievals greater than 100 vials, retrieval turnaround is dependent on exact number of vials requested and timeline will be discussed with the customer. 

Additional notes

Customers must bring their own container and dry ice with them at the time of pickup/drop-off. 

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Dry Ice Purchase 

  • All self-service dry ice purchases will now be picked up outside Blalock 1001A on a one-by-one, contactless basis. 
  • Dry Ice orders can be picked up between 8:30 AM through 6:00 PM, Monday – Friday. 
  • All dry ice requests must be submitted in iLab before pickup. Purchases can no longer be made at the time of pickup. As a precaution, there will be no use of pen, paper, or electronic devices. 
  • For questions about this new system, feel free to email our biorepository team at
  • Space indicators will be marked on the floor for customers in line to comply with 6 feet social distancing guidelines. 
  • For orders of 40 pounds or more, please email us at at least 48 hours before pickup date to confirm availability 

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