• March 17, 2020, 5:00 PM – All GRCF Locations are CLOSED Until Further Notice

GRCF Operations During Closure

GRCF DNA Services (Sanger Sequencing, Real Time PCR, High Throughput Sequencing, DNA Handling):

  • IDT orders are being actively monitored and shipments are being consolidated for delivery on Mondays and       Wednesdays.  If you need an alternative schedule, please contact Roxann Ashworth.
  • Oligo deliveries will be placed in the freezer compartment outside Blalock 1005.  You will receive a notification from the GRCF when they arrive, along with retrieval instructions.
  • We will work with Homewood customers to get oligos to Homewood. 
  • Please contact Roxann Ashworth if you have urgent Sanger sequencing that needs to be run.  Samples may be left in the fridge outside Blalock 1005, and could be run on days when oligos are being delivered, if needed for COVID or other, approved, urgent research.
  • HTS customers with urgent situations should contact David Mohr.

Primary contact information:

• Roxann Ashworth: rashwor2@jhmi.edu/410-733-9994

• High Throughput Sequencing only: David Mohr (dwmohr@jhmi.edu)

• DNA Handling/FAF only: Laura Kasch-Semenza (lkasch@jhmi.edu)

GRCF Biorepository

• Requests for retrieval should be directed to the biorepository email: biorepository@jhmi.edu

• Freezers will be monitored 24/7 with on-call responders

• In the event of an immediate repository emergency, please email the biorepository@jhmi.edu.

Primary contact information:

• Patrick Catterson: pcatter1@jhmi.edu

GRCF Cell Center:

• No Samples will be processed after (3/17/20) until the University reopens, including clinical samples.

• For single cell genomic project consultations, please email Kakali Sarkar: ksarkar4@jhmi.edu

 Primary contact information:

• Kakali Sarkar: ksarkar4@jhmi.edu

GRCF Core Store:

• The Core Store ordering website will be taken offline on March 17th at 5:00 PM.

• The Core Store 24/7 units located in Blalock and the CRB will be restocked once a week.  Please use your own sanitizing wipes and hand cleanser prior and after use of the 24/7 equipment.  

For a list of inventory stocked in these units click on the links below:

• The Core Store will be closed until further notice.

Primary contact information:

• jhucorestore@jhmi.edu

If you are spending your time analyzing data and writing grants, please feel free to reach out to the managers of our various services with any questions. We are always happy to provide consultation, letters of support and quotes. All email addresses will be monitored during this time of telework. 

For GRCF Operating updates visit our website at grcf.jhmi.edu